Mahjong & tea


We bought a mahjong game recently.

Just like that.

We really thought that those chinese people in movies seemed to have so much fun.

And personally, those little tiles look soooo good.

So went here and there to finally find a real nice one.

Went back home, made some tea (I can’t drink coffee…makes me antsy and also, like one of my dear friend always says “…after a cup I can just push my car back home”.

So, we unwrapped the whole thing.

Poured the tea in my nice little china cups from my grandma (Lady Grey is my favourite for afternoon tea).

Sliced two pieces of lemon cake (my favourite, with the icing on top and everything…mmm…so yummy).

And then, we played for 4 hours long (okay, it took us at least a good hour to figure out the rules and everything, but it was worth it!).

My onii (boyfriend) even looked for typical chinese music on Grooveshark (how fancy!).


One of my best saturday afternoons…


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