It’s time

First snow of the year!

It all started yesterday evening, and when I went to bed I thought that it was sad that it would probably all be gone my morning.

So I’ve made a little miniature snowman on my balcony thinking that he would be all melted and sadly looking this morning.

But surprise!


The white frost has conquered!

Yes, I’m sorry for all those drivers out there but…I LOVE SNOW.

There.  Said it.

For me, when winter settles, it’s like becoming a child once again.

I like making snowman.  Eating snowflakes.  Walking in a clean patch of land and looking back at my footprints.  Walking back from work when it’s dark, closing my eyes and just listening to the crisp sound of the snow crushing under my boots.  Going to the mountain with my Onii and try to walk where there’s no definite pathway and playing spies (will explain in another post!).  Then going into the nearest coffee shop and order a big hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

THAT’S winter.

And you, what do you like about winter?




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