TAG: Winterlicious


I’ve never really done a tag (always wanted to do one) so when I saw this one on someone’s blog, I totally jumped on it!

So here we go!

1)Favorite winter nail polish:  I prefer wearing darker nail polish (black, deep purples, bright red) with some glitters on it (so much festive!)

2) Favorite winter lip product: my balms.  I didn’t find a particular favorite brand, but I have the Christian Dior Crème de Rose lip balm for when I go to bed, but for every day, I also like either Labello Rosé or the Maybelline Baby Lips (both having a pink tint).












3) Most worn winter clothing piece: Ok, I will not go and say my coat or my boots ‘cause…duh…so I will say my grey cashmere V neck sweater.  It is so warm and soft, and it also reminds me of one of my trip to New York (bought it at Uniqlo).


4) Most worn winter accessory: My scarves!  I LOVE scarves.


5) Favorite winter scent/candles: I don’t buy scented candles because they often make me sick (headaches), so for this one, I will say the smell of fireplace.  Walking in the cold winter, at night, coming back from work, and smelling this is so much relaxing.

6) Favorite winter beverage: Hot chocolate.  I almost only drink hot chocolate during winter.  So comforting.


7) All time favorite Christmas/winter movie: I think that only the French (Canadian, Quebec, France, etc) people will understand here, but it would be “Les 12 travaux d’Astérix”.

8) Favorite Christmas/holiday song: It’s not only one song, but when I was young, each Christmas, my parents and I when we were preparing ourselves to either host the Christmas dinner or go elsewhere, they used to put a CD of Louis Armstrong, and so every time I hear Louis Armstrong, I automatically feel as if it was Christmas.

9) Favorite holiday food treat: I have two – my father in-law always makes for dinner at Christmas, a duck confit and it is sooooo good.  And the other one is my mother in-law’s garlic escargots (my in-laws are from France).

10) What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year: So, my all time favorite decoration is my grand-mother’s little ceramic Christmas tree.  She made it when she was younger and we have it since then.  But for this year, my favorite decoration is the pretty little lights that we’ve put in our sheer curtains.  I just LOVE it.


So that’s it!

I hope it wasn’t too long and boring.

I you want to do it too, then I tag you!


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