Review: Cleansers


I’ve been so excited about this cleanser that I really wanted to do a post on it, so I can spread the work.

So, this is what happened:

I’ve been looking for a while now, for a makeup remover that would first, take all of my waterproof makeup (especially my mascara since it’s the most difficult part of my makeup to take off), second, that doesn’t burn my eyes (I have sensitive eyes), and third, that I won’t have to rub my eyes to the point of irritating my skin.  So, I tried a bunch of makeup remover, but they never seemed to work out like everyone said:

– I first tried the L’Oréal waterproof gentle makeup remover.  Ok, it is the worst I tried so far.  It left a really greasy feeling on your skin, and also burned my eyes.  And on top of it, it didn’t even remove my waterproof makeup completely, I had to use another cleanser afterwards.  Not good.


– The other one I tried, is from La Roche-Posay Toleriane, a dermo-cleanser for face and eyes (this brand is made for sensitive skin).  Okay this one was not totally bad.  First, I liked that it was a cream texture (easier to apply on a cotton pad), and very VERY surprisingly, it doesn’t burn my eyes AT ALL.  I could have as much cream in my eyes and I didn’t feel anything.  So, very good for sensitive eyes.  The downside is that I really had to rub my eyes a lot with the cotton pad in order to take off my mascara.  So I still used it, but it just made my eyes so irritated at one point.  But I really recommande that cleanser.


– So the next one I’ve tried is the Bioderma Micelle Solution (for sensitive skin).  I’ve heard so much good review on it (GregoryGorgeous and Missglamorazzi have talked about it in their videos).  For the overall face, it really did work out and removed all of my makeup.  But as for the eyes, it didn’t remove my mascara in one swipe (like the other bloggers said) and I really had to rub a lot to take everything off, thus making my eyes again irritated.  But what I like about it is that it really feels like water and doesn’t leave any greasy or dry feeling afterwards (and it doesn’t have any smell, just like water!).  So I am now using it to remove all of my face makeup.


So, at that point, I was really sad and desperate and thought I would never find a cleanser that would work for my mascara (yes, you tell me that I could just change my mascara, but being not gifted my full lushed lashes, the one I use really really suited me).  But when I’ve heard from Jen from frmheadtotoe that she uses the DHC cleansing oil and that it really worked for her (and I knew she was also using sometimes the same mascara as I did), well, I decided to order it.  And it did work out!


The consistency is really as if I was just taking olive oil and putting it on my eyes (it even smell like olive oil – okay, the main ingredient IS olive oil so…).  But what I do is I take just a small amount on my fingers (about a pump) and I rub a bit my eye with it.  Then I wet the same hand and add a little water on it, just so that it emulsifies, and I take a cotton pad, rub gently and then TADAA!  Everything’s gone!  Nothing left!  Just like magic.  Okay, the only “bad” thing about it is that if it goes into your eye, you’ll just have a blurry vision afterwards.  But it doesn’t burn so, I can live with that.

And voilà!

This is my cleanser story/review for now.

Of course, when I’ll be done with some of my cleanser, I will try some more, so if you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment below so I can look into it.

And you, what is your favorite cleanser?


5 thoughts on “Review: Cleansers

  1. Hi. I liked your post and agree when it comes to Bioderma. I have the green version and don’t really see what the fuss is about. But I love DHC! I use to buy their products all the time when I was in Japan. Have you tried REN’s clay cleanser for acne-prone skin? That’s my second favourite. For mascara I can recommend MAC’s cleansing oil although it’s a bit expensive in the long run.

    1. I know right? At first, I thought that I was not using the Bioderma properly but…I guess not. It is the first product I try from DHC, but I’m very curious about their other stuff! Also, I do not have acne-prone skin (quite the opposite actually, I have dry skin), so I have not tried the REN cleanser. I will certainly look into MAC (I’m quite curious). Thanks for the suggestion!

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