Manicure Monday

It’s been about 4 weeks now that I’ve started to paint my nails differently every monday, and I’m starting to be really addicted to it.

So since it’s starting to be recurrent, I’ll be posting my manicure every monday now.

So here is it for this week:


I have seen a picture of a ombre clear and black nail and it was just soooo pretty.  So I always wanted to try it out.  Unfortunately, I am really bad at doing ombre.  As much videos as I can watch, I’m still really bad at it.  But nevertheless, I really wanted to take the risk.

I’ve started by putting 2 coats of the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield base and top coat (only one coat wasn’t as lustrous as I wanted).

Then, on an aluminum sheet, I’ve put the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro and with a sponge, I’ve dabbed it onto my nails.  I did this very progressively in little coats.

Then, I’ve put the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry (which dries your nails in 30 seconds).  I’ve put 2 coats of it so the little imperfections wouldn’t be noticeable.


It’s not perfect, but it’s almost the best ombre nails I’ve done so far!

So, pretty proud of myself!

Have a good week!

Do you have any suggestions of nail styles that I should try?


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