Haul: Pretty & Cute

So I’ve been hearing about some really good Korean products that could be purchased on the Pretty&cute website (specialized in Korean brands) and decided to try them out!


So first, are the Skin79 BB creams (the Hot Pink and VIP Gold Collection) – if you don’t know what BB creams are, I suggest you go read this!

Again, from the blog frmheadtotoe (I often refers to her since she is also Korean and seem to have the same complexion as me), she gave a good review on them and are often used in her makeup videos.  Here is my review:


The texture is more creamy than a foundation and is more hydrating also (good for my dry skin).  At first, like Jen said in her review, the BB cream color looks very grey but as you applying it and let it sink into you skin (in order for it to oxidize), it just become very flattering and makes your skin look more glowy and healthy.  Also, the scent of the cream is very fresh and not too intense, and I also like the pump mechanism that I find more sanitary.  Right off the bat, I have to admit that I prefer the hot pink version over the gold one because it seems to cover a little more.  But I will still try them out and see.  Also, just to mention, I took the hot pink one in the standard size and the gold in the travel size.  Overall, I tend to prefer those BB creams over my foundation because it makes your skin looks more flawless and natural, but also you don’t feel anything sitting on your skin (The left top swatch on the picture is the hot pink, and the other one is the gold).


The second product is the Lioele Pop Cherry Tint.


Basically, it is a dupe of the Benefit Benetint in the cheaper version (at least 20$ less).  It is a lip stain liquid in bright cherry red (like the name suggests).  the bottle and applicator is the same as nail polish so it is very easy to apply where you want on your lips.  As for me, I LOVE the whole gradient lip style right now so, it’s very easy to do it.  It smells like fresh roses, but the taste is very yucky (if ever you get some in your mouth, I warned you!).  However for me, since I tend to have dry lips almost all year round, if I put on this product when my lips are chapped, it will stain all the little dry lip skin and do weird patterns (like in my picture)…not really what you would want.  So I recommend you to put it when your lips are soft and moisturized.


Another lip product (well, three in this case) I purchased are the Lioele Blooming Gloss in the color 06 Baby Pink, 010 Lovely Twoway, and 05 Vanilla Pink (from left to right).


A lot of bloggers are praising about these lip glosses saying that they smell so good and that the texture is also very nice.  So, the curious side of me had to try these, of course!  And now, I can really see why so many people were raving about them; THE SMELL!!!!  It is a mix between candy, flower, and sweet things.  If I could, I would just smell them all day long.  But not only the smell, but the texture and colors are also very nice.  Not too sticky, more on the greasy side, they stay on your lips for a very long time.  The opacity is very sheer, but you can build it up (for some colors).  The baby pink is very very light and perfect to put over a lipstick to give it some plump.  Lovely Twoway is a bit more opaque but is still mostly sheer and gives a nice pink tone to any lipstick or even your natural lip color.  Right now, I like putting it over the Pop Cherry Tint as it gives a nice look (see the picture).  And for the vanilla pink, it is the only one I purchased that doesn’t have any little sparkles in it.  I think this one is perfect to put over natural lips.  I really will have to purchase more colors…mmm…



Then my last purchase is another lip product, but this one was really more for the look than for the product itself.


Isn’t it the cutest little peach lip balm you’ve even seen?  It’s the Tonymoly Mini Peach Lip Balm.  Frankly, I didn’t know it would be so small (about the size of a small apricot), but I personally love that size ’cause it just makes it even cuter (and is also very good to put in my bag).  Okay so apart from the look, the product itself is also very good.  This lip balm has no tint to it, not too greasy, not the most moisturizing lip balm, but just enough when you go out when it’s cold and you want to protect your lips, but at the same time don’t want your hair to be stuck in it all the time (I just hate when that happens…).  And, again, THE SMELL!  It smells like those little peach candies (you know the round yellow ones with the orange middle).


Then finally, my order came with two samples (they give you some choices when you checkout, but personally I didn’t remember what I took); a Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base, and a Holika Holika Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet.  I didn’t try them yet, but I’ll let you know when I’ll do (if it’s worth mentioning also).


So, that wraps up my Pretty&Cute haul.  I really LOVE the products I’ve purchased, and am already excited to try other stuff!  The only down side that I have to say is the shipping time; I took the 5-10 business days delivery type, but I received my package almost over a month after (I live in the Quebec province).  So at first, I was really scared that my package has been lost (I didn’t have any tracking option), so I wrote to the customer service.  They were kind enough to reassure me that my package was not lost and still on its way.  So, apart from the shipping delay, I really really liked my experience (that I will have to do again pretty soon!)


*** UPDATE:  Just a quick update about the shipping – I did order something else from the website and it didn’t take as long as my first one.  So I would think that it is not the company’s “fault” but probably at the borders, etc.  So I take back what I said about the long waiting! 🙂


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