Manicure Monday

Very sorry about the late post but I’ve been really sick throughout the whole weekend and didn’t have the chance to do much.

But I’m feeling better now so I can resume my normal routines!

So, let’s get into my manicure monday post!

I haven’t got much energy to be fancy on my nails this weekend (due to the sickness), nevertheless I’ve picked a nice color that, I think, goes well with the weather of the moment (which is a lot of snow!)


The name is Pedal to the Metal (ideal for bike lovers like me!)

This metallic nail polish is so creamy and nice, and I think it goes with everything, since it’s a pretty neutral tone.

It looks silver, but on certain angles it has a little mauve/pink reflections (that you probably cannot see in the pictures, unfortunately).

I only had to put 2 coats of this polish (apart from the base and top coats).

The only think I didn’t like was the actual polish applicator; I find it really big and it also has a round end, so it was really hard for me to get into the corners of my nails without exceeding around the edges.


I personally prefer the really square end ones so you can be precise in the application.

But anyways, apart from that, I really like the finish, the color, and the look of it.

What is the nail polish brand that you absolutely love?  And the one you just can’t stand?


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