Mâche, mâche mâche and enjoy!

Me and my bf went to eat with my good friend Jason from the Shutupandeat food blog the other day (I like trying new restaurants with him ’cause I love food and he’s so funny!) – if you want a really more descriptive and funny review of this restaurant, go check it out on his blog.

The restaurant is called Mâche (chew, in english), located in the Quartier Latin of Montreal (dunno if I’ve already said it but, yes, I live in Montreal).


I liked that the place was pretty small (only about 15 tables or so) and very well lite because I just hate when you can barely see what you’re eating.

They serve comfort food and since the weather has been getting so cold these pass few days, I was REALLY in need of comfort (I don’t like the cold…).



We took the onion rings (mmm….), which were gigantic, and the parmesan meatball.  Both of these appetizers were very very comforty for me!









I took the shepherd’s pie, and it tasted just like my mom’s (I love putting a lot of ketchup on top of it).   Also, the portion was really big and I was able to take the rest (which was half of it) for my lunch the day after (yeee!).  Ho and just to mention (because it’s the first time I saw this), but they put your “left overs” into little translucent plastic containers that are sturdy enough that you could reuse them!  How awesome is that!


Anyway so, yeah, my friend also really liked his hamburger and french fries (all the portions are pretty big), and my bf also liked his, however, the sandwich lacked a bit of meat…but apart from that, everything was delicious (sorry, I don’t have a good enough picture of this one…).

So, as comfort food, this was pretty satisfying and I would go back to  try other stuff on their menu.  However, since it’s pretty close to a university campus, it might be pretty packed during the week, but it’s worth trying it out!


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