TAG: Naughty & Nice list 2012

I’ve seen this tag earlier and I thought it would be fun to do a nice and naughty list of beauty products that I used during this year.


Naughty list

So I will start with my naughty list.  Naughty only means products that I’ve been disappointed with or that just didn’t work for me.  It doesn’t mean that the brand is bad or anything (I’m not bashing anyone here! 🙂 ).

Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax

So, my first product is the Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax.  Okay first of all, the thing that just didn’t work for me was the smell.  It smells soooo strong of a mix of baby powder and very sweet things.  But really, the smell is so strong that people thought it was my perfume (which I did put on that day).  Also, I was looking for a spray that would leave some natural feeling to my hair, but after putting it on, my hair felt like it’s been glued or something.  So, this was a bit disappointing. But I did buy another product from the same brand, that I really like.

L'Oréal gentle waterproof eye makeup remover

The second one is L’Oréal waterproof gentle eye makeup remover.  I’ve also talked about this cleanser here, but it just really didn’t work for any of my waterproof makeup (which is supposed to be).  Also, it did burn my eyes a little when I used it.  I’m sure it would work for other types of makeup, but since I’ve bought it because it claimed to remove waterproof makeup, well, it’s kind of a miss.

Nyx eyeshadow in Hot Pink

Okay so my 2 last ones are really really products that I’ve been SUPER disappointed by because I was super excited to try them out.  The first one is the Nyx eyeshadow in Hot Pink.  It’s been really disappointing for me because, first, when I tried it, the eyeshadow was so lumpy that I ended up having only bits of the eyeshadow on my eyes instead of the color (you can see in the picture that the shadow doesn’t come out properly).  I thought that it was probably just the product they put on the eyeshadow that help it stays in place but, even after “digging” in it with a brush, it didn’t spread at all in a fine powdery shadow.  So this one was a real miss…don’t know if it’s only because I was unfortunate to get a bad one, or because I took the wrong “hot pink” one (there’s a matte and a shimmer one.  But I can’t remember which one I took) or it’s just made like that but…yeah.  Kinda bad.

E.L.F. Studio Makeup Clutch palette

And the other big disappointment is the E.L.F. Studio Makeup Clutch palette.  Due to it’s ridiculous price (ridiculous meaning that it’s only 15$ for 32 eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, etc) and since I’ve read some good review on the brand, I was really tempted to try it.  I was really satisfied with the other products I’ve ordered with it (face and eye primers), but the palette was a big disappointment.  First, when I opened it, one of the eyeshadow (the one in the right top corner) just fell into bits and pieces making my palette REALLY messy.  Also, the eyeshadows are less pigmented than what I thought they would be (even if I put a primer on), and last, I didn’t like the lip products they’ve put in it.  But, as for the primer and the eye primer they work very well, so I think it might just be they’re eyeshadow quality that is lacking…or perhaps I was just unfortunate to get a bad one.  I would have to try it out another time be really sure.  if anyone has also try their eyeshadows, tell me what you think!

Nice list

So, for my nice list, it was REALLY hard to choose only 4 products (not that there’s a maximum number of products, but what’s the point of putting 20 products…right?).  But I might add one more next year…we’ll see!  So, what’s on my nice list are products that I just use over and over and that have become my absolute HG (holy grail) for most of this year.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream

The first one is the Skin79 hot pink BB cream that I’ve purchased, ok not that long ago, but since then, I just stop using my regular foundation.  It covers just enough for the little redness and spots, but still leaves some natural skin through (like my freckles!) so my face doesn’t look like waxed.  It also makes my skin looks so glowy and healthy that I was really really amazed by that function.  And lastly, it doesn’t feel heavy like a regular foundation, it just feels like you’ve put on some moisturizer and that’s all.  For more review and swatches on this BB cream, go check out my previous post.

Fairydrops Scandal Queen mascara

My second item is the Fairydrops Scandal Queen mascara.  I’ve discovered this mascara one day by going to Sephora and one of the clerk suggested it to me.  Since then, I’ve used it every single time I put on makeup.  Claimed to be made especially for Asians, it has 3 little “balls” and a curve that can reach all my little lashes (I have really little lashes…).  And it is waterproof so it doesn’t smudge everywhere.  I saw that Fairydrops created other types of this mascara and I’m pretty curious to try them out.

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing ointment

My other product would be my Eucerin Aquaphor healing ointment.  Jen from the beauty blog frmheadtotoe talked about it in one of her videos and since I have some really dry skin and I’ve never been able to find something that would calm the itchiness, I decided to try it out.  It feels a bit like vaseline, but a bit more creamy, and it’s unscented.  I’ve started using it on my lips before going to bed and they just became sooooo smooth and nice.  I’ve also try to put it on other dry areas on my face and it also works very well.  I don’t know if it would not break out people who have acne problems, but since I have sort of the opposite skin type (very dry), it did work out for me.  But I tell you, for lip treatment, it is just fantastic!

DHC deep cleansing oil

And my last product on my nice list is…(drum roll) my DHC deep cleansing oil.  Like I’ve explained in my previous review of cleanser (that you can check out here), the discovery of this cleanser made my life (okay, my cleansing routine) so much easier.  It takes off EVERYTHING!  Even the most waterproof mascara!  It’s like magic.  Really.  I might want to try out their face wash…if anyone have tried it yet, please tell me your thought on it!

So that wraps up my 2012 naughty and nice list!


What is your 2012 naughty and nice list?  Be sure to either leave a comment below or put in the link so I can go check it out!




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