Manicure Monday

I wanted to do some nail art this time for Christmas.

Seriously, I didn’t think it was that hard to draw on nails…but it is…nevertheless, it’s not that bad!  With a little practice, I’m sure I will get better with this (and stop shaking like crazy).

So for Christmas, I wanted to do a modern twist for the whole holiday style (like staying away from the bright red colour).

Manicure Monday

I’ve picked up the Nicole by OPI nail polish called Candid Cameron wich in the bottle looks deep blue/mermaid green/gold but when you put it on, it’s more the mermaid green that shows and at certain angles it’s the blue (I like those two tones nail polishes).  I also have to mention that this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and really opaque; I’ve only put one coat of it on my nails.  ONE!

So since the color of the year will be emerald-green, I thought it would be perfect!

Also, to add a little holiday look, I wanted to draw (for the first time) a little snowflake.  Okay, like I said, it was the first time I draw something on my nails, and I don’t have any “professional” tools to do that so…it’s not perfect, BUT it’s a start! 🙂

I used my white L’Oréal Steel colour in French Tip White (that I bought many years ago).  I poured a little of this nail polish onto a foil, then with a toothpick I started to draw the snowflake.  My hand was shaking the whole time so the lines are a little bold and blurry, but it’s not that bad for a first time (I think…).

Manicure Monday

I was thinking of putting some silver glitter on top of the whole nail but, I figure that it would probably be difficult to see the form afterwards so…I didn’t put any.

So that’s it!

What is your favorite nail style for the holidays?


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