Have a Merry Panettone!


Me and bf have never tried panettone before.

We knew what it was (in general), but never really thought of trying one.

So when my good friend Jason (from Shutupandeat) announced to me that he was doing a panettone tasting with an Italian chief, I was really excited and very curious about the outcome.

So after reading his post, we (my bf and I) decided to pick up the panettone that my friend ended up liking the most (even though it was one of the most expensive).

But nevertheless, we thought that it would be the perfect time to try one, and also a good one  – we trust Jason’s taste and opinion on food 110%!

First impressions; the wrapping is soo lovely (not only this one but all of them), the smell though is a bit harsh for me (I don’t really like dried fruits scent), BUT the taste is exquisite!

I thought it would be more like a dried cake texture but it was moist, sweet (but not too much) with a slightly taste of the different dried fruits they’ve put in.

My friend also recommended to me to try it plain for the first time, but also to try it with a mascarpone creme…mmmm….which we will try very soon!

The final verdict: very worth the money spent on this gigantic Italian cake!

I really recommend to go check out the Shutupandeat tasting here to learn more about the different panettones! – the one we tried is the Muzzi Panettone Classico in the blue wrapping.


Have you ever tried one?  If so, what is your favorite one?




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