Manicure Monday

Staying in the holiday’s theme, here is my manicure for the New Year!

Gold, gold and more GOLD!


I always feel that New Year’s celebration is always more “glittery” than Christmas – Christmas being more being with your family and NY more like partying (not that I’m partying at NY but…that’s my feeling).

So I wanted to put some sort of glitters on my nails this time and keeping the holiday/party/glamour vibe.

I’ve recently bought a new nail polish called Good as Gold from Essie (the one I have as the base color) and it just looked sooo pretty and creamy in the bottle.


The color, as you can see, if very very opaque and has a metallic finish.  I could have only put one coat of it, but unfortunately, how the polish “spread” on my finger was kindda strange; sometimes it would just not spread on random parts of my fingers, as if my nail was greasy or the polish was oily.  I always put a base coat on my nails before so, I knew it couldn’t really be my nails but…it’s the first time that I had a polish doing that.  Did it ever happened to you?  Does any of you know why this is happening?

But anyway, since it did leave some uncoated spots on my nails, I had to do a second coat of the polish.  The texture however is very nice and creamy; it just looks as if someone mixed liquid cold with a bit of cream.  Also, this polish has no glitters in it.

And, for a little “humph”, I did a gold glitter gradient with my A Gold Winter’s Night by Nicole by OPI (which I received in my November Glossybox).

Also, I received as a present, the Drying Drops from Nicole by OPI, which is a drying liquid that you put on your nails that help them dry faster.  it come with a little dropper and you just apply one to two drops onto you nails, about 60 seconds after you applied your last coat.


Seriously…I was stunt!  I never thought it would really work that fast!  I always apply a top coat that also helps drying my nails in a short amount of time, but these drops are like magic!  By the time you are done putting the liquid onto your nails, you other hand is already dry!  This is so what I needed (since I ALWAYS mess up my nails almost just after I’m done because they don’t dry fast enough).  So if you don’t have 10-15 minutes to wait for your nail polish to dry, I really recommend that you go buy this little “magic potion”!

Have a very Happy New Year everyone!!


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