Cherry Culture Haul

Okay so this haul is a bit old but I realized that I’ve never did a review of everything I bought, so here it is!

Since I live in Montreal, we don’t have any access to the Nyx brand and I tried to find a way to get some stuff (not that it was a must have but I really wanted to try some products), and I’ve also read some good reviews on their eyeshadows as well.

So I found out that Cherry Culture was almost the only company that shipped to Canada and were retailing Nyx  and Milani products.

Cherry Culture Haul

So the first things I ordered were eyeshadows (from top left to bottom right):  022 Baby Blue, 149 My Favorite Color, 107 Vanilla Sky, 068  Golden Orange, 196 Hot Pink, 032 Purple, 143 Eggplant, and 127 Deep Brown.

Cherry Culture Haul-14So I didn’t try the baby blue yet (still trying to see how I’m gonna put this very light blue on my eyes without looking like Barbie), but it is very pretty and pigmented, and it has a slight shimmery finish to it (even though it is matt).  The second one, I tried to use it a couple of times, but like you can see in the picture, it has big chunks of glitters in it.  In the pan, it doesn’t look like it has glitters, but as soon as you try to put some on your brush it just gets chunky…so I’ll try to see if it’s only like that for the top of the eyeshadow.  The other one is a very light matt vanilla color (like the name suggests) that I use to highlight my brow bone with.  The orange one is very very pigmented and I was very happy with it (since I tried other orange eyeshadows but were very disappointing as the pigmentation goes).  It is matt with little gold glitters (but very tiny).  So for the hot pink one, like in my Naughty & Nice list of 2012, I was really really disappointed.  Not because of the color, but because when I tried to apply it, the eyeshadow didn’t come as a fine powder like the other ones, but in really big clumps.  And like I said in my review, I tried to dig in to see if it would only be for the top, but it still did this all the way through.  So I’ll have to try perhaps the other Hot Pink eyeshadow (this one was the shimmer) to see if it’s only for this one.  The next eyeshadow, the Purple, is a blueish and fuschia purple tinted and I’m very happy with the color (as I was afraid to be a bit too intense to wear on a daily basis).  Like the Baby blue, it is matt with a little shimmery finish so it catches the light very nicely.  The Eggplant is more on the reddish side of an eggplant color (I think) but it’s a very nice color for fall and winter and it goes with almost everything.  It also has a shimmery finish to it.  And the last one, I think the name is a bit misleading since I find it more like a very deep purple than a deep brown, but anyway I was also very happy with this color since it’s very different from the other purples I got.  So in general, I’m very happy with the Nyx eyeshadows and I would like to try more colors!

Then, the second item I purchased was the Nyx Mosaic Powder in 01 Highlighter.

Cherry Culture Haul-13I really liked that it has more like a glowy finish than a shimmery one (I think it looks more natural).  I also wanted a cooler tone highlighter since I already own the Diorskin Poudre Shimmer (which is on the warmer side) and Benefit High Beam.  I also like that you can choose the tone you want; cooler if you only use the pink, lilac and white side, and more neutral if you use everything.

Then, my other products were the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils in the color 601 Black Bean, 608 Cottage Cheese,  and 620 Bronze.

Cherry Culture Haul-15These pencils are very very soft and pigmented.  I usually use the black one sometimes as a base (put it all over my lid and then spread it a little with my finger), and it’s a very deep matt black (more on the brown tone than the blue one).  The white shimmery one, Cottage Cheese, I use it in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up a little, and I think it’s the perfect color (not too white).  Then, the Bronze pencil is also very nice to apply all over the eyelid as a base or even as eyeshadow.  All three pencils are very very creamy and easy to put on.

Moreover, I also bought the Milani Liquif’ Eye liner pencil in the color 07 Purple.  I wanted to try the black one (everybody saying that it is one of the blackest and smoothest eyeliner pencil they’ve tried) but it wasn’t available.  So, I decided to try out the purple one (which looked more like a black with purple tone in it).  As you can see in the picture, it really is black but with purple shimmer/glitters.  I think this eyeliner would be very very nice for a subtle dash of sparkles on your lower lash line. And like everybody said, it is very very smooth and glides on very well on the skin, and it also it waterproof.

Cherry Culture Haul-16

Then finally my last product is the Nyx Glitter Cream Palette in 01 Paradise.

Cherry Culture Haul-17So this purchase was more if I wanted something more glittery for parties and the holidays.  So from left to right, the first one is a pink with silver and blueish glitters, then a black with green, pink, and gold glitters, then a white with silvery glitters, a gold with gold glitters (this one is soooo gorgeous and I can’t wait to try it out!), and then the last one is a silver with green and pink glitters.  They are cream glitters so it is easier to apply on the eyes (and less messier).

So that closes up my Cherry Culture Haul.  I do want to try out more of the Nyx brand (like the lipsticks) because first, they look very nice, second, they have such a wide range of colors (like the eyeshadows), and last they are sooo inexpensive.  So I’ll let you know when I’ll order it and do a little review.

Have a nice day!

What is your favorite Nyx product?  What would you recommend me to try out?


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