Comptoir 21: Gone fish’n (chips)


This year, my bf and I were extremely last-minute for Christmas gifts…and so, the day before Christmas, we had to fight against the cold and snow to do a last blitz of shopping.

So after a long long…long day of running everywhere (back and forth), sweating our butt off when entering stores, and freezing to death when exiting in the cold weather, we decided to stop fueling up (eating).

This cold weather called for something really comforting and so, what is more comfy than clam chowder and fish’n chips? (The answer is “nothing”).

So we made our way to Comptoir 21 (located in the heart of the Mile-end) on St-Viateur W.


It’s a very small place but it has that “after-coming-from-a-blizzard-and-want-hot-food” kindda feeling to it.  And also, the “U” shape of the counter (comptoir in french) is very characteristic of the restaurant.

So my bf got the clam chowder.  3 words: hot, comfy, chunks.  It’s a very creamy and full of big pieces of clams and potatoes, and is served with little puffed crackers.  Delicious!



Then me and my bf took the fish with the chips (fries) – you can have your fish alone, with chips, with salad, or with poutine (yes…poutine!!).


I took the small portion (2 pieces) and my bf took the big one (3 pieces).  As a warning, the big portion is…BIG.

Also, they have different kind of sauces to go with the fish; I took the Thaï (which is sweet) and my bf took the regular tartare.

Seriously, if they were closer to my house, I would go almost every day (perhaps is a good thing then…).

They do delivery, however the delivery area is very small…which is sad for us…

Anyways, if you would like to see a more in-depth review of the whole fish’n chips awesome experience, you can go on the Shutupandeat blog (yes I know again, but what do you want, he likes good food and so do I!).

But if ever you need good comfort food one day, think fish!!



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