Manicure Monday

So with the end of the holidays, I wanted to put aside the glitters (and since it such a pain in the butt to take off also…right?).

This time, I didn’t know which color to put on my nails and I was hesitating between several ones.  So I decided to do a “hand gradient”, but keeping it in the cool tones for winter.


So I used Sally Hansen 410 Lavender Cloud (white with a slight lilac tone) for my thumbs, Essie 09 Play Date ( lilac/purple) for the index, L’Oréal 601 French Riviera (mint with tiny tiny blue shimmer) on my middle finger, Essie 05 Lapiz of Luxury (blueish lavender) for my ring finger, and finally Essie 29 Butler Please (light royal blue) on my little one.


All of the polishes I choose are matt, except for the L’Oréal French Riviera, but you don’t really see it except from really really up close (and even then you need to have some light…).

For all polishes, I’ve put 3 full coats on each nail, but the Butler Please (my little finger) and the Play Date (my index) could only have had 2 coats and would have been opaque enough.  But the L’Oréal French Riviera (my middle finger) and the Lapiz of Luxury (my ring finger) definitely needed 3 coats.  And as usual, I’ve put my Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield as a base coat, and the Instan-Dri as the top coat.  Also, like my last manicure, I’ve put my new Nicole by OPI Drying Drops (which is ho so awesome for clumsy girls like me).

Have a great week!






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