Manicure Monday


I’ve been doing some intense/darker nails these past few weeks and so I was feeling a bit more “soft” this time around.  I’ve recently bought this holographic “glitter” nail polish recently and I found it so gorgeous that I couldn’t wait any longer to try it on.




So I’ve first used Sephora by OPI nail polish called A True Romantic, and then Nicole by OPI (the Selena Gomez collection) Heavenly Angel.  I’ve always liked the pink nail and soft glitter style and I thought these two were a match made in heaven.

The pink polish is a nice not-too-pink color that I think is very versatile and girly and soft.  Also, it is not really opaque so a good 3 coat is needed in order to have your full nail covered.  Then I applied 2 coats of the “glitter” polish on top, after letting my nail dry for a bit.  They are more like little irregular pieces of holographic glitters than very round, normal glitters, but I really REALLY like it!  In direct light the glitters take some pink, dark pink, and orange color (like in the picture above), but when you’re in the shadow or very low light, the glitters then have bright green, yellow, and blue reflection (you can almost see it right in this second picture).


My only disappointment is that there are not that much glitters that goes onto your nail with one application and so you do need at least two to have a reasonable amount of it on your nail (like I did for mine).

But apart this little detail, I just LOVE my nails!  I find that it looks so girly and pretty!




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