Manicure Monday


I am warning you; this post will be a bit longer than usual since I’ve tried some new awesome things that I wanted to review!

So first for my nails, I’ve put the L’Oréal 560 Greycian Goddess nail polish on all fingers.  The color is a cool purply grey that has medium opacity (you definitely need at least 2 coats for it to be full opaque) but I did put only 2 and it ended up just perfect.  Let me just tell you that it is the shiniest polish I’ve ever seen!  You don’t need anything else to make it shinier, and it also dries very fast!  Perfect for clumsy girls like me.  Then finally I’ve put my new top coat, the Sally Hansen Diamond Flash fast dry top coat.  I really like it and makes my nails more shiny and strong (even if I didn’t need it that time around).


Then to achieve the little matt polka dots, I’ve put the Sephora by OPI matt top coat with my nail dotting tool form Quo by Orly.  I don’t really know a lot about matt polishes but I pretty like this one because it does the job, looks good, and dries fast.  What else do you need!


So my last new thing that I’ve tried out is the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover.  A while ago, my cousin/godmother told me about a nail polish remover at Sephora that removes all of your polish in less than a minute.  So when I went to the store some days ago and I saw this little bottle on the shelves next to the nail polishes, I decided to try it out (it couldn’t be worst than regular remover that you put on a cotton ball and that you have to rub forever to remove everything…).  IT IS MAGIC!  It’s the most amazing nail polish remover EVER I tell you.  You just put your finger in (the inside is a big sponge with a little hole in the middle), wait 45 seconds to a minute, and then Voilà!  All your nail polish is gone!  Even the dark ones and glitter nail polishes!  The only thing I don’t know is how many time I can use this (if ever someone knows, please tell me!).  But I think I’m gonna go and buy a second one just in case!  However, if you have a cut or something on one of your fingers…well…you know the rest!




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