A palette to rule them all

A palette to rule them all

Having multiple individual eyeshadows, blushes, powders, and so on can be a pain in the butt when you try to find something in a pile.

That was my problem.  So I went online and did some research about something that would help me gather all my individual beauty products (at least the majority of them) into one “container”.

So I found the Unii Palette!

Reviewed by Jen of frmheadtotoe (yes, again), I decided to order two of them, just to try them out.

First, having to choose only two colors from all those pretty pastel palettes was very hard…but I told myself that I would probably have to purchase some more in the future so…

I choose the yellow (my favorite color) and black (‘cause it’s more chic!).

A palette to rule them all-2

Basically, they are made of hard plastic with a cover that snaps (so no fear that the palette will open in your bag), the inside has a big mirror, and the bottom is a big a magnet.  You even have a little “thing” (sorry, don’t really know the word for it) that you can move around and that allows you to put your thumb on it to hold the palette properly.  Each Unii palette comes with a sheet of sticky magnet that you can cut into the desired shape and stick under the de-potted makeup that are not made of metal (which for my part was the majority of them!).  Also, the nice thing with the magnetic sheet is that you can write the name of the shadow on it so you can know which is which in your palette.  And one last little thing, I don’t know if you can see properly, but each palette has little glitters on top, which is just very cute!

A palette to rule them all-7

A palette to rule them all-4

So, in my yellow one, I’ve gathered all my different blushes and highlighters (the NYX blushes were in a Nyx special edition palette set that I got in one of my Glossybox, and they didn’t have any name…):

  1. Nyx blush
  2. Nyx blush
  3. Nyx blush
  4. Nyx blush
  5. Benefit Coralista blush
  6. Nyx highlighter
  7. E.L.F. Shimmer palette
  8. Nyx eyeshadow
  9. Nyx eyeshadow
  10. Nyx eyeshadow

A palette to rule them all-3

In my black palette, I wanted to put some individual eyeshadows that I have:

  1. Stila
  2. Nyx Baby blue
  3. Nyx eyeshadow
  4. MAC Club
  5. MAC Vex
  6. Nyx Deep brown
  7. Nyx Eggplant
  8. MAC Satin taupe
  9. Nyx eyeshadow
  10. L’Oréal Raven
  11. Nyx Purple
  12. Nyx Deep Orange
  13. Lise Watier (don’t have the name)

A palette to rule them all-5

So, I really like them so far, they’re not too big, very sturdy and pretty.  I will have to purchase more…(so much for my budget), but they are pretty inexpensive for the quality I think.

I also like that I can now have (almost) all my single eyeshadows in one place…it makes it easier and faster in the morning.  Ho and one more little thing that is pretty handy; in the back of the box that holds the Unii Palette, there is some tricks on how to de-pot your eyeshadows!  How nice…

So if you’re looking for a palette like that, I really really recommend these ones!

A palette to rule them all-6


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