Manicure Monday

Good day everyone!

Again, I am very sorry for being absent for so long on my blog…

I’ve been really busy with work and projects and I haven’t got the time to do all my personal stuff.

But hopefully from now I’ll be going into the regular schedule!

So now, for my manicure Monday!


This week, I wanted to do something more festive since it’s going to be my birthday at the end of the week!

So what’s more festive than glitters?  Pink AND glitters!

First, I’ve put my new base coat from Essie.  I was in the look for a good base coat that would nourish my nails, but also make them stronger.  I don’t really care about fast growth since mine grow really fast, but I really wanted a base that would help fortify my nails.  So I tried Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat.  If you guys have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to share them!


Then after I’ve put 2 coats of the gorgeous Essie 456 Plumberry, which is a super nice deep raspberry color.  It is super creamy and quite opaque.  Then I applied Sally Hansen 140 Rockstar Pink at the ends of my nails.  They are tiny tiny little blue, gold, and fuschia glitters.  When I bought it a couple months ago, I told myself that I would keep this one until my birthday ‘cause I find that it looked like confetti!   Then finally I’ve put my Sally Hansen top coat, as usual, which gives a nice shiny finish.


I’m loving this combination, but I also can’t wait to try these glitters with other colors!

What is your favorite birthday nail polish?


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