Manicure Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

So I tried to post more last week but obviously didn’t work out so well…BUT this week! I will!

So on to the mani of the week!


this week, I wanted something subtle and nice.  I’ve had my nails painted for so many months now and I just felt like having them more natural this time.


First, I applied my Essie base coat (even if it has kinda of a nude color, when it dries it looks transparent).  Then I’ve put Maybelline Color Show 220 Orange Fix on the tips (I know on the picture it looks red, but it’s not!). This polish is not that opaque so I’ve put 2 coats of it so I would have a nice vibrant orange color.  Then, just to add a little something, I’ve put Nicole for OPI Heavenly Angel on top (they are holographic flakes).  And as usual I’ve put my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and OPI Drying Drops.






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