Manicure Monday

Happy Earth Day!

So this beautiful spring/sunny/earth/warm day has inspired my green and gold nails today.


I didn’t want to go for the obvious earth-like colors, and wanted to stay more on the chic noble style.

So first, as always, I’ve put my Essie base coat, then 2 coats of Sephora’s #82 Happy Earth Day to Me (so appropriate right!), a deep khaki green.  Then after my nails were mostly dry, I’ve put in a foil some of Essie #35 Good as Gold and dipped a small piece of cling wrap that I’ve shaped into an irregular ball.  Afterwards, I’ve dabbed the cling wrap onto my nails so that most of the gold polish would cover the whole nail.




Then finally I’ve put one coat of Sephora matt top coat, and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Of course, when dabbing the cling warp onto your nails, some polish will get on your finger, but you just have to clean it with a cue-tip and polish remover.

It’s the first time I’ve tried this technique and I actually quite love the irregular patterns that it creates.

And you, what are your “earth day” nails?


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