Manicure Monday

Hello everyone!

I’m really feeling like I’m excusing myself more than ever for not posting more…so again, I’m sorry!!

Last week I did an amazing (yes, I’m very proud of it!) manicure but had nooo time to photograph it nor write about it…so I guess I’ll have to do it again another time! 🙂

But this week, I REALLY wanted to try my new OPI Liquid Sand collection that I bought the other day.  I took the color Stay the Night.


But first, I applied my (also) new OPI base coat Nail Envy as nail strengthener (I still have brittle nail problems…) and am still in the search for the right one.


Then, I’ve put 2 coats of the Liquid Sand nail polish.  The sand finish only comes when it dries.  It’s a black semi opaque polish with red glitters in it.  I personally think that 2 coats is enough.  I didn’t put any top coat since I wanted to keep the finish as is.



I really like it, but the only thing I might have an objection is that because if its sandy finish, you can scrape stuff with your nails (ex: tights, fabric, etc).  So you have to be careful for that.  But I do like it and I might buy the other colors (go see Jen’s blog to see the other colors – red/pink and blue).


So that’s it for now!  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog more! 🙂


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