Manicure Monday

Happy Monday everyone!


Fortunately for us (here in Montreal), the sun has decided to stay for a day or two (it has been raining and cold for about 1 week or so)!

So this week’s manicure has been “inspired” by this cold spring weather – grey with “water” droplets.


Like usual, I’ve put my OPI base coat, and then applied 2 coats of OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! which looks like a grey-mauve polish in the bottle, but when you apply it tends to get more on the grey side, and also has shimmer in it.  Then, I applied some Essie Set in Stone, which is a transparent nail polish with silver big and tiny glitters, and concentrating the glitters more at the base of my nails.




Brings a bit of sparkles in these past few grey days!

Have a good week!


5 thoughts on “Manicure Monday

  1. This is really pretty. I love Essie, and I was wondering how this exact glitter shade looked when I was in the store the other day. The chunks of glitter looked pretty big, so I was wondering if it was hard to apply. Nice nail art!

    1. Thanks! The bigger glitters are indeed a bit big, but not “un-management”, and there’s also smaller ones too. but if you prefer more subtle glitters, than perhaps this one is not suited because it is pretty bold (I was actually surprised when I applied it). But if you want glitters, than this is the one for you! As for the color, they appear as very sparkly silver, so it’s a good neutral one! 🙂 Enjoy!

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