REVIEW :: Tarte Blushes

Good day to you all!

Since I’m having a little trouble with my nails right now, I’m taking a break for my manicure this week (hopefully only this week).

But I didn’t want to leave you with nothing (after being quite absent for a while…).

So instead I’m doing a review on some of the Tarte blushes I’ve purchases a while ago and thought were worth reviewing:

The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes.


So the first one I’ve purchased was the Exposed.


After viewing a review from Jen of frmheadtotoe on Youtube, I was quite curious about it since she said that it looked very flattering and could serves both as a bronzer and blush (for the lazy ones).  In the pan, I admit it looks quite brown and we wouldn’t think that it could be a blush.  But when applied on the cheeks (actually, I apply it more like a contour), it slims the face and adds a nice natural pink tone to the face.  Since I have more of a yellow tone skin (around NC25-30) it shows pretty well on my skin tone and I’m sure on more fair ones (might even show a little more pink than me).  Also, I’ve used it quite a lot and I still didn’t go through it yet.



Then I was so impressed by those blushes that I wanted to buy more! But which one? I don’t know if you’ve seen but there is a LOT of choice…but I then saw a review of Essie Button wearing  Natural Beauty on her very fare skin and I thought it looked soooo pretty and nice that I purchased it.


So not like Exposed, this blush is very pigmented and so you really need to have a light hand when applying it or you’ll end up looking very easily like a clown…but when applied the right way, it is a gorgeous.  The color is a very deep raspberry red and looks as pretty on light complexion than yellower ones (even probably on dark ones!).



And then I wanted one that would be very summery and different from the two I already had, so I went back and bought Tipsy and Dollface (actually this one was sold in a kit with a Tarte bronzer – the reason why it’s smaller).



So Tipsy is a nice orange blush that, when applied, is more like coral than expected.  I would also say that as for the pigmentation, it is not quite like Natural beauty but shows quite nicely.  And for Dollface, it’s a pretty pale doll pink that suits all complexions I’m sure.





I also forgot to mention that all the blushes I’ve mentioned are matt and do not have any sparkles in it (which looks more natural).

I’m very VERY satisfied with the ones I bought and still think to purchase another one…anyone has any recommandations?



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