HAUL :: Brandy Melville – Zara – Urban Outfitters

Good day to you all!

So yesterday I went shopping a little (haven’t gone shopping forever) and just wanted to share my later finds with you.

So first, I went to Urban Outfitters and bought:

This black bralette.  I really wanted a bralette that would be very light (since it’s mostly for summer, and in summer, it’s hot…duh), and that would also be pretty and laced since we would probably see it through my clothes.  Mission accomplished! I love the lace and it also have underwire support so it’s perfect for ladies with a bigger bust.  There was also one in cream and I might go and get it…


Next is this Silence + Noise  jersey bra top.  It’s awfully hot here in Montreal (around 104F…) and I was more inclined to buy lighter and shorter clothes.  But I liked this bra top because it looked pretty basic and could go with a lot of stuff, and is also very light.  The design on the front looks like a tie dye in cream.


Then I got this pretty Kimchi Blue tank top that has blue flamingos on it and a little bow in the front.  The material is a very light jersey fabric and the top is not too long and very loose; just what I like!


When I saw this muscle top, I just fell in love (or, I’m exaggerating here) but I really liked the look and the fact that it looks sooo distressed and trashy. It has a lot of holes in it and I think it’s perfect for summer since the air will be able to pass through!  I also don’t have anything similar in my wardrobe so it was a nice addition to it.  This piece is from Truly Madly Deeply.



I also got this Homiès t-shirt that I saw a lot on fashion bloggers that I follow on Instagram and since then, I really wanted one. To my surprise I found one at Urban and I had to get it.


Then finally, I bought this mid rise plain jeans shorts from BDG (I really needed shorts…), and it was on special!


Then I headed to Brandy Melville, that just opened here in Montreal this year, and I was REALLY curious to go there since Claire Marshall talked about it a lot in her vlogs.  I have now discovered my new favorite store!  All the fabrics are really good quality, soft, comfortable, etc.  I also like that almost all of their clothes can fit with almost anything; I find that they are basic style, which I like.

So first, I bought this muscle thank top from Love Child that says “FADED” on it.  The fabric is ho so soft, light and very expendable.  What I also love about this top is that the side are cropped very low (so you have to wear either a bralette or a very nice bra).


Then I saw this cropped t-shirt that has that inverted “Stay Weird” and I just HAD to get it because I think it represents me perfectly.  Again, the fabric is very similar to the muscle top.


Also, Claire Marshall mentioned a cardigan that she got at Brandy Melville and that I found so nice, so I decided to get it in black/charcoal.  It is a nice warm wooled open cardigan that when you have it one, created a V shape at the back.  Like she says, it often falls off your shoulder but I have to admit that it’s worth it!



And finally I got myself an early winter gift; this Stay Weird hat!


Okay we’re almost done here so bare with me!  My last stop was at Zara and to my (again) surprise they were having their summer sale!

So I got these nice light shorts; I know in the picture in looks black/charcoal, but there’s actually a little tint of green in it.  And I loved the very bright orange lace and pockets details.


And then again, I bought something a bit early for winter, this knitted tiger sweater in mustard yellow and black.  I know it looks a bit gimmicky but I don’t know, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off so I bought it!




So that it’s for my haul!

Have a nice hot summer!


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