Review :: Highlighters

Good Friday everyone!

So since I’m still on a nail polish break (I’m so sad…), I thought of doing a little review for this week; highlighters!


So over the last year or so, I’ve gathered a bunch of different highlighters that either seemed very nice of that I’ve heard of from beauty gurus.

Also, I took the pictures outside to be able to capture the shininess of the highlighters, but you will see that sometimes…it’s easier said than done…

So here it is!

First, is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette which has a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter.



The highlighter of this palette is a very soft pink champagne shimmer and is VERY pigmented (you barely need to touch it). I feel that for me it was a little too shimmery/glittery and pink for my skin tone, but still I think it is quite handy and nice in this palette and would suite a lot of skin colours.


Next on the list is the Diorskin Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond.  This one is one of my favourite highlighter of all time and is very worth the hype.



First of all, it come it this nice little velvet pouch, and the case is so nice and chic.  The highlighter is embossed and has 5 colours; ivory/ champagne/ tan/ bronze/ peach.  It is the perfect highlighter for summer since it give a nice bronze/tan colour on your cheek without being glittery.  When applied, you skin just looks so healthy and nice, it’s an instant boost.  You can even use it as eyeshadow like Amarixe did in one of her summer makeup look! It is a very versatile highlighter and even if it’s kind of a splurge for some, I think it’s worth it because you’ll wear it to death.


Then I have the Lioele Marbling Blusher in #02 Lovely Pink.



First of all, for those who are wondering, Lioele is a well know and well reputed Korean brand.  So, I bought a couple of Lioele’s product beforehand (which you can see the review here) and thought that I would give a try to this one too.  First, the packaging is just so cute and adorable (just like any Korean/Japanese products).  You also have a brush that comes with it (which I do use).  The product is said to be a blush, but since I find it really more like a highlighter (more glittery than colourful) I do use it as one.  It is a nice soft pink colour and is not too glittery.  I like to pair it with a very pink blush so it looks as one.  It also has a nice floral scent to it.


Moreover, I purchased a very long time ago, in one of my Cherry Culture Haul (you can see the post here) a Nyx highlighter that Jen from fromheadtotoe was giving a lot of praise about it.



It’s the Nyx Mosaic Powder in 01 Highlighter.  This one is a more neutral highlighter than all of the above, but is still more on the cooler tone.  It is very inexpensive and looks very natural since it’s from shimmery.


Then, I got this Benefit “What’s Up” sample size highlighter when I went to Sephora during my birthday (it was the birthday gift with a Benefit mascara).



I was pretty happy to receive this one because Claire Marshall did mention it in her videos and said that she really liked it a lot.  And I do admit that it looks really natural and does not have too much glitters in it.  The colour is a nice bronze/champagne colour, and unlike the other highlighters, is has more like a cream finish so I apply it with my finger.  And even if it’s very small compare to the real size one, it last very long!


We’re almost done here, only two left!  So the next one is, also from Benefit, is the High Beam Highlighter (also in a sample size).



I really like this one because even if it looks pretty pink, it just gives a nice healthy and natural look to your skin.  It comes in a little bottle (like a nail polish) and also has an applicator with a brush.  I just dab it onto the areas of my face and then spread it gently with my fingers.


And finally, my last purchase was the Benefit Moon Beam.



I heard from Jen in one of her reviews how she liked it and was very different from all the other highlighters, so I decided to get it.  At a first glance, it looks pretty beige, but when you apply it, the colour disappear and become just a nice pink iridescent finish on your skin (it was pretty hard to capture in the photo…).  I have to admit, it is really one of my favourite highlighter and when you have it on, your skin looks so healthy and glowy from within.  Like, the High Beam, it come with an applicator.


So just to wrap up my review, here are the highlighters I mentioned in order of preference:

  1. Diorskin Poudre Shimmer in Amber Diamond
  2. Benefit Moon Beam
  3. Benefit What’s Up
  4. Benefit High Beam
  5. Nyx Mosaic Powder in 01 Highlighter
  6. Lioele Marbling Blusher in #02 Lovely Pink
  7. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette (highlighter)

Have a nice weekend!



2 thoughts on “Review :: Highlighters

  1. I really want to try a highlighter but I need to find a cheap one that’s still decent so I dont spend a fortune on something I might never use.

    1. Then I would recommand the Nyx one. It is the less expensive one I tried and give a very nice natural glow to your skin. And like I mentioned, it has a pretty neutral colour so you’ll be able to wear it with almost any tone of makeup. I bought mine at Cherry Culture (online).

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