July Favorites 2013

Another month has gone, and only one left for summer! (ok, let’s not think about it…)

I wanted to do my favourites for the month of July since I’ve been using some products that I think are worth mentioning.

So here we go.


First of all, of course, for summer you need a really good sunscreen.  I’ve been using this one and it is by far the best I’ve used in my life so far.  First, it is FPS 55, it’s good for both your face and body, it’s not too greasy (so it might even be good for those acne prone persons), it doesn’t leave your skin sticky (which I just hate), and instead of smelling like every other sunscreens, it smells like lilac (which is one of my favourite smell…DIVINE).  I’ve used 2 tubes already.  After trying it, I went to Costco and saw that there was a package of 3 for 15$ (which is the price for once tube at the drugstore).  SOLD!


Then, this month (actually, every months) I used my Bioderma Micelle Solution to take my makeup off (face makeup only).  Almost every Youtube gurus swear by this product and it is really good for sensitive skin; it doesn’t irritate, doesn’t smell, and you don’t even need to rinse (but I do anyways).  This one is a big bottle that I found at my drugstore and what I really like about it is the integrated pump.  You take your cotton pad and just have to pump 2-3 times to get it wet.  It’s magic.  Love it.  When I’ll be out, I’ll just reuse this bottle instead of the smaller ones (which don’t have the pump).



Another product on my list is the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer.  I’m one of those who has very dry skin all year long, but I’m also one of those who just HATE putting on moisturizer in the morning.  I hate the time it takes (I don’t know why but it takes me at least 7-10 minutes to put moisturizer all over my body), I hate the sticky feeling it leaves afterwards, and I hate that you have to wait for it to dry/penetrate your skin before you put on your clothes (and I often don’t have time to wait).  So when I saw this new thing, I was really eager to see if it was that special.  So for every person like me out there, this spraying moisturizer is AMAZING; very easy to apply, very nice texture, take 2 minutes for my entire body, dries very fast (doesn’t leave your skin sticky), and smell really good (actually, there’s 3 scents, mine is the yellow one – doesn’t seem to have a name).



Since I was out of my regular hair oil, this month I used my Caudalie Divine Oil, which can be used both for hair and body (but I only used it for my hair so far – let me know if you used it for your body and your impression!).  The smell is just divine and it doesn’t leave your hair too greasy, but you have to be careful with the amount you put in, and gives your hair a very healthy, shiny look.


During the really hot summer days we had during July, my feet became extremely dry and uncomfortable and it was very hard for me to sleep because of that.  So every night before going to sleep, I’ve put on this Curel foot therapy soothing cream all over my feet and it really helped me a lot to ease the dryness.  The texture isn’t too thick also, leave a nice cooling effect, and smells really good.  This cream was my savior.


Also, since I’ve been out a lot and started to have a tan, my usual pressed powder that I used during summer became too pale for me, so I had to switch to this one, Revlon Nearly Naked in 020 light pale, which I’ve never used before (new from this year).  It was in a pack with the same colour liquid foundation.  I really hoped it would suit my complexion (since I couldn’t try it out at the drugstore).  At the beginning of July it was a bit too dark, but because gradually just the perfect match for my skin and it looks very natural.  It comes with a little pad, which I don’t use.




Then my next product is one that I’ve been using for a while, but this month it really was a savior for my dry lips.  It is the Dior Crème de Rose smoothing balm.  I apply this just before going to sleep and I wake up with nice hydrated lips.  The texture is really thick, a bit like Vaseline, so I don’t put much on, and it has a really nice and strong rose smell (and taste…).  When I take it off in the shower, it leaves my towel yellow, but it doesn’t stain my pillow or anything.  It is also FPS 10 and says to be plumping (which I didn’t really see).



Another lip product I’ve loved using, but during the day, is my Holika Holika Juicy Shine lip balm in grapefruit.  It is really nice to keep my lips hydrated during the day, it also gives a nice coral tint to my lips, and it smells really good, just like a real grapefruit.




During the summer days, I don’t like putting a lot of makeup (like I think everybody), especially on my eyes since I tend to get more greasy during summer.  So this month I’ve been keeping it simple and only have put on my Urban Decay Cannonball mascara, which is, by the way, every asian’s lashes best friend.  It is waterproof, so perfect for sweaty weather, and since it’s waterproof, it holds my curls VERY nicely.  It is THE best mascara I’ve tried so far and I owe it to Jen from fromheadtotoe that started using it a while ago and convinced me to try it out.



And finally, to combine with my mascara, I finished my simple makeup by doing my brows with my Lioele Auto Eyebrow pencil in grey ashes.  It is a double ended pencil; on one side your fill in your brows (and it is an auto-sharpening end, which I like), and on the other side your can brush them with a spooly.  The pen is not too pigmented and is perfect for my dark hair.





So that’s it for my favourites of the month!

Which products were your favourites?


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