Manicure Monday

Hello all!

Already in October…time fly so fast…well at least here (in Montreal) we’re having a wonderful weather for the last couple of days!

But the trees are starting to change and shed their many leaves and we can’t deny anymore that fall is just next door.  So for this week’s manicure, I decided to go with a very bright and fall mood.


So first, as always, I’ve put on my OPI Envy base coat as it helps keeping my nails from being stained.  Then, I’ve used my L’Oréal Mango Mamma nail polish which is a very very bright deep orange but at the same is is pretty sheer.  Basically, I find that it just looks as if it’s carrot juice in the bottle.  Also, I wanted to do a one color gradient on my nails with this sheer polish.  So first, I applied one thin layer all over my nails.  Then the second coat I started it in the middle to the end, always trying to keep a thin layer.  And the third coat I’ve only put it at the tips.


Afterwards, I used my very recent purchase, the Essie As Gold as it Gets in the Luxeffects collection.  It was the first time I saw this polish and I just couldn’t resist buying because it looked just like gold pieces in the bottle.  Even if the whole polish looks yellowish, the base is pretty colorless.  So I’ve put one layer of this gorgeous polish all over the nails, and put a second coat only at the tips to accentuate the gradient effect.



Those two nail polishes are ones of my favorites because I find that it’s prefect either for fall or even summer.

Voilà! That’s it for now!  My next post (this week) will be my September favorites so…keep and eye open for that!


Manicure Monday

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t post in a while but let’s say that the beginning of September was intense (been sick, been busy, been lazy…).

So I didn’t a lot of time to do any manicures but it allowed me to grow my nails more since I’ve cut them really short during summer (as mentioned in one of my previous Manicure Monday post).

So here we go!


First, I went to the drugstore recently and saw that there was A LOT of new polishes that came out for fall!  I admit…I went a little crazy…BUT was able to get out of that “damn” place with only 4 polishes (at the beginning, I had 9…).  But I might go back again…soon…hmm…anyways.

So as always, I applied my dearest OPI Nail Envy base coat on all my nails, then put on 4 (yes, 4) coats of the Sephora by OPI A True Romantic, which is a very sheer light pink polish.  I usually don’t put that much coats (usually only 3) because I think it’s suppose to have a sheer look, but this week I wanted a little more opacity.  I love this polish because it is very creamy even considering its “lack” of opacity, and also because it’s not a pink shade that looks too girly girly (not that it’s bad, but sometimes it’s good when you want to change-up a little.


So for my ring finger, I applied only 2 coats of the pink polish, then I’ve put one coat of my new Nails Inc. Special Effects in Sweets Way.  I admit that I had A LOT of difficulty choosing only 1 colour from this collection (they all look ho so pretty), but my eyes were always drawn to this one.  It’s made up of small blue, silver, and rose gold glitters bathed in a sheer white/light blue polish.  After putting it on my nail, I then applied another coat of the pink nail polish over it.  Okay, let me explain why I did that; in fact, I already saw a similar look from a Youtube guru (here) where she did a similar thing, and the look was a milky sparkly finish.  I just loved it because it’s a a nice alternative for using glitter polish.  But you do need a pretty sheer polish to put on top or else you won’t see anything (and keep it in the pastel shades preferably).  I LOVE THIS LOOK!



Also, you may have noticed that I reshaped my nails.  I always preferred square nails over pointy nails, but I decided to give it a try, just to see.  Ok, I didn’t shape them extremely pointy (I know I would just hate it and probably would break my nails the minute after…) but I do like this round shape!  Also it makes my nails look even longer.

So, that’s it!

Have a nice week!

August Favorites 2013

Hi there!

So, I haven’t done a manicure this week since I’m letting my nails breathe a little.  But instead I have compiled my favorite products for the month of August.


So here it is!

First is the KMS Hair Play modeling paste.  This paste was very handy during the heat waves we had.  In the morning, I would wet my hair a little, take a small amount of this paste in my hands, and then I would spread it all over my hair and put them either in a bun or a braid.  The paste would help me keep all my smaller hairs in place and not in my face (which could become very annoying when you’re sweating a lot!).


My second product is the Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum.  A lot of beauty gurus have sworn my it and I can see why!  It has made my very dry face skin look normal; no more dry patches, dry nose contours, etc.  It’s amazing!  I use it since a couple of months, but during August, I have been using it solely instead of my regular day cream during the hot days.  A little tip for people living where there is Jean-Coutu drugstores; for the same price as one bottle at Sephora, they sell a kit of this regular size bottle, a bottle of the Caudalie Grape Water in a spray, and a sample size of the Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet.  Talk about a deal!


Another favorite this month has been the Christian Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer in Amber Diamond.  It one of the nicest highlighter I’ve tried (you can see a full review that I did here) and you can even use it as eyeshadow for a natural look (see the tutorial from Amarixe).  Since it’s a little bronze, it added a nice healthy shine to my skin.



Another face product is the Stila Sun bronzing powder in shade 01.  It’s perfect for my skin tone and I love that it’s matt.  Another thing I like about this bronzer is that it’s not too pigmented and is very easy to apply in a natural way.



One last cheek favorite is the Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in the color Tipsy, which is a very bright orange/coral blush.  This color is ho so pretty and screams “summer” when you put it on.  You can see more details about this blush in my review here.




Also, during summer and especially when it’s very hot, I don’t like to put a lot of stuff on my face (such as foundation or powder) so what I like to do is just to put on some concealer in areas that needs it (under eye area, around the nose, redness, etc).  I have been using the Nars stick concealer in Custard for months and it is by far the best!  Good for dry skin, it doesn’t leave any weird patches and this color matches my skin perfectly (I’m about an Mac NC25-30).



Then, just to add to the “natural” look that I have done almost all summer long, I’ve used the Dior Addict lipstick in 214 Tulle.  This lipstick is my FAVORITE ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD (I know I almost say that to every products…but it’s true!).  Very creamy, very hydrating, lovely package, and it is a MLBB (my lips but better) color.  I have put it on almost every day for at least 3 months and I have not gone through yet!  The only thing is that it’s a bit expensive…but worth it!




We’re almost done!  Next is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Perversion that I’ve only been putting under my upper lash to define my eye a little more and didn’t need to put on a full eyeliner.  Very black, very easy to apply (very smooth texture) and waterproof.  The only thing is that it doesn’t seem to have a lot of resistance against more oily skin (especially when it’s hot).  So you might want to use a translucent powder with it.  But apart from that, it’s perfect!



AND my last product is the Benefit Cha Cha Tint which is like the Benefit Cherry tint or Posie tint.  But when you open this one, it’s a very bright orange cream and I use it as a lip stain like as if I’ve sucked on a popsicle or something.  I pair it with a nice colorless lip balm and it look very summery!



So that it is for this month!

Don’t hesitate to let me know your favorites so I can discover new products!

Manicure Monday

Good day everyone!

Time again for another manicure of the week!


So I didn’t have a lot of time to do it this time so I kept it very simple.

So after applying my OPI Envy base coat, I’ve put 2 full coats of Essie Bikini So Tiny, a very VERY nice light blue with a slight mauve tint to it.  It also has some micro shimmers in it (which were very hard to capture in a picture, as you can see).



Then I applied the Quo by Orly Instant Artist polish in Neon Orange with my Quo dotted tool.  This time, I used both ends to do big and smaller polka dots.  This polish is extremely bright and I really like the contrast between the two.  It is also worth mentioning that the brush of this polish is a very thin precision brush that you can use to make art nails.


And as usual, I toped my nails with my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Et voilà!

Have a nice week!

Manicure Monday


Okay, we’re not Monday (obviously) BUT I still wanted to put up my manicure of this week since I really liked it.

(I’m warning you, this post is going to be short and sweet!)


So first, as always, I applied my OPI Envy base coat.  Then, I applied 3 coats of this gorgeous deep yellow polish by OPI called The “it” Color.  The polish is a yellow/orange that is super creamy and goes on the nails very smoothly.


Then, I applied the Maybelline Polka Dots nail polish only at the tips of my nails.  It’s really tiny and bigger black and white dots (matt) and I really like that it can go with a lot of my polishes (since it’s pretty neutral).


I pretty like the end result and look really summery!


Also, I changed the color of my nails recently since I had to go at a wedding, and I’ve put the Revlon Bare Bones in 2 coats.  The color in the bottle looks lighter than when you apply it, but it’s still look like a very nice nude polish.


So that’s it!

Have a nice week!!

July Favorites 2013

Another month has gone, and only one left for summer! (ok, let’s not think about it…)

I wanted to do my favourites for the month of July since I’ve been using some products that I think are worth mentioning.

So here we go.


First of all, of course, for summer you need a really good sunscreen.  I’ve been using this one and it is by far the best I’ve used in my life so far.  First, it is FPS 55, it’s good for both your face and body, it’s not too greasy (so it might even be good for those acne prone persons), it doesn’t leave your skin sticky (which I just hate), and instead of smelling like every other sunscreens, it smells like lilac (which is one of my favourite smell…DIVINE).  I’ve used 2 tubes already.  After trying it, I went to Costco and saw that there was a package of 3 for 15$ (which is the price for once tube at the drugstore).  SOLD!


Then, this month (actually, every months) I used my Bioderma Micelle Solution to take my makeup off (face makeup only).  Almost every Youtube gurus swear by this product and it is really good for sensitive skin; it doesn’t irritate, doesn’t smell, and you don’t even need to rinse (but I do anyways).  This one is a big bottle that I found at my drugstore and what I really like about it is the integrated pump.  You take your cotton pad and just have to pump 2-3 times to get it wet.  It’s magic.  Love it.  When I’ll be out, I’ll just reuse this bottle instead of the smaller ones (which don’t have the pump).



Another product on my list is the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer.  I’m one of those who has very dry skin all year long, but I’m also one of those who just HATE putting on moisturizer in the morning.  I hate the time it takes (I don’t know why but it takes me at least 7-10 minutes to put moisturizer all over my body), I hate the sticky feeling it leaves afterwards, and I hate that you have to wait for it to dry/penetrate your skin before you put on your clothes (and I often don’t have time to wait).  So when I saw this new thing, I was really eager to see if it was that special.  So for every person like me out there, this spraying moisturizer is AMAZING; very easy to apply, very nice texture, take 2 minutes for my entire body, dries very fast (doesn’t leave your skin sticky), and smell really good (actually, there’s 3 scents, mine is the yellow one – doesn’t seem to have a name).



Since I was out of my regular hair oil, this month I used my Caudalie Divine Oil, which can be used both for hair and body (but I only used it for my hair so far – let me know if you used it for your body and your impression!).  The smell is just divine and it doesn’t leave your hair too greasy, but you have to be careful with the amount you put in, and gives your hair a very healthy, shiny look.


During the really hot summer days we had during July, my feet became extremely dry and uncomfortable and it was very hard for me to sleep because of that.  So every night before going to sleep, I’ve put on this Curel foot therapy soothing cream all over my feet and it really helped me a lot to ease the dryness.  The texture isn’t too thick also, leave a nice cooling effect, and smells really good.  This cream was my savior.


Also, since I’ve been out a lot and started to have a tan, my usual pressed powder that I used during summer became too pale for me, so I had to switch to this one, Revlon Nearly Naked in 020 light pale, which I’ve never used before (new from this year).  It was in a pack with the same colour liquid foundation.  I really hoped it would suit my complexion (since I couldn’t try it out at the drugstore).  At the beginning of July it was a bit too dark, but because gradually just the perfect match for my skin and it looks very natural.  It comes with a little pad, which I don’t use.




Then my next product is one that I’ve been using for a while, but this month it really was a savior for my dry lips.  It is the Dior Crème de Rose smoothing balm.  I apply this just before going to sleep and I wake up with nice hydrated lips.  The texture is really thick, a bit like Vaseline, so I don’t put much on, and it has a really nice and strong rose smell (and taste…).  When I take it off in the shower, it leaves my towel yellow, but it doesn’t stain my pillow or anything.  It is also FPS 10 and says to be plumping (which I didn’t really see).



Another lip product I’ve loved using, but during the day, is my Holika Holika Juicy Shine lip balm in grapefruit.  It is really nice to keep my lips hydrated during the day, it also gives a nice coral tint to my lips, and it smells really good, just like a real grapefruit.




During the summer days, I don’t like putting a lot of makeup (like I think everybody), especially on my eyes since I tend to get more greasy during summer.  So this month I’ve been keeping it simple and only have put on my Urban Decay Cannonball mascara, which is, by the way, every asian’s lashes best friend.  It is waterproof, so perfect for sweaty weather, and since it’s waterproof, it holds my curls VERY nicely.  It is THE best mascara I’ve tried so far and I owe it to Jen from fromheadtotoe that started using it a while ago and convinced me to try it out.



And finally, to combine with my mascara, I finished my simple makeup by doing my brows with my Lioele Auto Eyebrow pencil in grey ashes.  It is a double ended pencil; on one side your fill in your brows (and it is an auto-sharpening end, which I like), and on the other side your can brush them with a spooly.  The pen is not too pigmented and is perfect for my dark hair.





So that’s it for my favourites of the month!

Which products were your favourites?

Manicure Monday

It’s BACK!!!!!

So after a LONG week (ok, maybe not that long…) I’m finally back with my manicure!

It’s not that I don’t like my natural nails, but…I was really eager to continue to experiment with new nail design and pattern!

Also, you will notice that I had to cut my nails REALLY short because of a personal problem (won’t go too much in details) but let’s just say that I think I’ve never had my nails so short before.  I had them short when I was younger because of my piano lessons, but never THAT short.  So I tried to find a nail design that would still look cute and nice on very short nails (especially since I have very small hands, and small hands = small nails).

So here it is!


As always, I started off by putting one coat of my OPI nail envy base coat.  Then I alternatively put 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow and Essie Cute as a Button on my nails (alternating each colour on both hands)


Alpine Snow is a very white opaque white and very creamy.  I could have only put 2 coats, but I really wanted my nails to be very very opaque.  Essie Cute as a Button is a very nice pink almost coral nail polish that is also very creamy.  Both were very easy to apply on the nails.



Then after waiting a bit, I used my QUO by Orly Nail Dotter Duo Tool with the bigger end, and started applying polka dots on my nails.  For this, I only applied one “coat”.



Then I waited for my nails to be fully dry and applied my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


I really like the final result and think it looks very summery!

Don’t you? 😛

Have a nice day!