Manicure Monday

Hello all!

Already in October…time fly so fast…well at least here (in Montreal) we’re having a wonderful weather for the last couple of days!

But the trees are starting to change and shed their many leaves and we can’t deny anymore that fall is just next door.  So for this week’s manicure, I decided to go with a very bright and fall mood.


So first, as always, I’ve put on my OPI Envy base coat as it helps keeping my nails from being stained.  Then, I’ve used my L’Oréal Mango Mamma nail polish which is a very very bright deep orange but at the same is is pretty sheer.  Basically, I find that it just looks as if it’s carrot juice in the bottle.  Also, I wanted to do a one color gradient on my nails with this sheer polish.  So first, I applied one thin layer all over my nails.  Then the second coat I started it in the middle to the end, always trying to keep a thin layer.  And the third coat I’ve only put it at the tips.


Afterwards, I used my very recent purchase, the Essie As Gold as it Gets in the Luxeffects collection.  It was the first time I saw this polish and I just couldn’t resist buying because it looked just like gold pieces in the bottle.  Even if the whole polish looks yellowish, the base is pretty colorless.  So I’ve put one layer of this gorgeous polish all over the nails, and put a second coat only at the tips to accentuate the gradient effect.



Those two nail polishes are ones of my favorites because I find that it’s prefect either for fall or even summer.

Voilà! That’s it for now!  My next post (this week) will be my September favorites so…keep and eye open for that!


Manicure Monday

Good day everyone!

Time again for another manicure of the week!


So I didn’t have a lot of time to do it this time so I kept it very simple.

So after applying my OPI Envy base coat, I’ve put 2 full coats of Essie Bikini So Tiny, a very VERY nice light blue with a slight mauve tint to it.  It also has some micro shimmers in it (which were very hard to capture in a picture, as you can see).



Then I applied the Quo by Orly Instant Artist polish in Neon Orange with my Quo dotted tool.  This time, I used both ends to do big and smaller polka dots.  This polish is extremely bright and I really like the contrast between the two.  It is also worth mentioning that the brush of this polish is a very thin precision brush that you can use to make art nails.


And as usual, I toped my nails with my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Et voilà!

Have a nice week!

Manicure Monday

It’s BACK!!!!!

So after a LONG week (ok, maybe not that long…) I’m finally back with my manicure!

It’s not that I don’t like my natural nails, but…I was really eager to continue to experiment with new nail design and pattern!

Also, you will notice that I had to cut my nails REALLY short because of a personal problem (won’t go too much in details) but let’s just say that I think I’ve never had my nails so short before.  I had them short when I was younger because of my piano lessons, but never THAT short.  So I tried to find a nail design that would still look cute and nice on very short nails (especially since I have very small hands, and small hands = small nails).

So here it is!


As always, I started off by putting one coat of my OPI nail envy base coat.  Then I alternatively put 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow and Essie Cute as a Button on my nails (alternating each colour on both hands)


Alpine Snow is a very white opaque white and very creamy.  I could have only put 2 coats, but I really wanted my nails to be very very opaque.  Essie Cute as a Button is a very nice pink almost coral nail polish that is also very creamy.  Both were very easy to apply on the nails.



Then after waiting a bit, I used my QUO by Orly Nail Dotter Duo Tool with the bigger end, and started applying polka dots on my nails.  For this, I only applied one “coat”.



Then I waited for my nails to be fully dry and applied my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


I really like the final result and think it looks very summery!

Don’t you? 😛

Have a nice day!

Manicure Monday

Good Tuesday everyone!

Ok, it’s not Monday but I think I’m making some progress here! Need to stay positive in life!

So this week, I’ve decided to go with some colors that I’m not really used to.


So after putting my OPI base coat, I’ve put 2 coats of my new Essie The More the Merrier polish wich I just couldn’t resist to buy. It’s a perfect summer color; very bright lime green, and has no shimmer in it.  And then to put a little more sparkle I’ve put a gradient (yes I’m very much into gradient now) glitter polish, which is Tantalize by Revlon.  This polish is very pretty and has tiny glitters and is very creamy.



These two polish together I think brings just the perfect summer mood right now and I love it!

Also, this week I decided to paint my toe nails (which I’ve never done before).  I have ridiculously small feet and small feet comes with very small toe nails.  So I never really bothered putting colors on them and always thought that it would end up not looking too good.  But yesterday I bought a new (limited edition) nail polish that I saw perfectly going on my feet; the Maybelline Color Show in Poolside.


It’s a very light grey blue that looks almost white on certain angles.  But with this name, how could it not feel summery!

So I’ll spare you big pictures of my ugly little feet, but I’m pretty sure this polish will end up one day on my hands too!

So, that’s it folks!  Have a nice week!

Manicure Monday

Happy Monday everyone!


Fortunately for us (here in Montreal), the sun has decided to stay for a day or two (it has been raining and cold for about 1 week or so)!

So this week’s manicure has been “inspired” by this cold spring weather – grey with “water” droplets.


Like usual, I’ve put my OPI base coat, and then applied 2 coats of OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! which looks like a grey-mauve polish in the bottle, but when you apply it tends to get more on the grey side, and also has shimmer in it.  Then, I applied some Essie Set in Stone, which is a transparent nail polish with silver big and tiny glitters, and concentrating the glitters more at the base of my nails.




Brings a bit of sparkles in these past few grey days!

Have a good week!

Manicure Monday

Happy Earth Day!

So this beautiful spring/sunny/earth/warm day has inspired my green and gold nails today.


I didn’t want to go for the obvious earth-like colors, and wanted to stay more on the chic noble style.

So first, as always, I’ve put my Essie base coat, then 2 coats of Sephora’s #82 Happy Earth Day to Me (so appropriate right!), a deep khaki green.  Then after my nails were mostly dry, I’ve put in a foil some of Essie #35 Good as Gold and dipped a small piece of cling wrap that I’ve shaped into an irregular ball.  Afterwards, I’ve dabbed the cling wrap onto my nails so that most of the gold polish would cover the whole nail.




Then finally I’ve put one coat of Sephora matt top coat, and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Of course, when dabbing the cling warp onto your nails, some polish will get on your finger, but you just have to clean it with a cue-tip and polish remover.

It’s the first time I’ve tried this technique and I actually quite love the irregular patterns that it creates.

And you, what are your “earth day” nails?

Manicure Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

So I tried to post more last week but obviously didn’t work out so well…BUT this week! I will!

So on to the mani of the week!


this week, I wanted something subtle and nice.  I’ve had my nails painted for so many months now and I just felt like having them more natural this time.


First, I applied my Essie base coat (even if it has kinda of a nude color, when it dries it looks transparent).  Then I’ve put Maybelline Color Show 220 Orange Fix on the tips (I know on the picture it looks red, but it’s not!). This polish is not that opaque so I’ve put 2 coats of it so I would have a nice vibrant orange color.  Then, just to add a little something, I’ve put Nicole for OPI Heavenly Angel on top (they are holographic flakes).  And as usual I’ve put my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and OPI Drying Drops.