Manicure Monday

Hello all!

Already in October…time fly so fast…well at least here (in Montreal) we’re having a wonderful weather for the last couple of days!

But the trees are starting to change and shed their many leaves and we can’t deny anymore that fall is just next door.  So for this week’s manicure, I decided to go with a very bright and fall mood.


So first, as always, I’ve put on my OPI Envy base coat as it helps keeping my nails from being stained.  Then, I’ve used my L’Oréal Mango Mamma nail polish which is a very very bright deep orange but at the same is is pretty sheer.  Basically, I find that it just looks as if it’s carrot juice in the bottle.  Also, I wanted to do a one color gradient on my nails with this sheer polish.  So first, I applied one thin layer all over my nails.  Then the second coat I started it in the middle to the end, always trying to keep a thin layer.  And the third coat I’ve only put it at the tips.


Afterwards, I used my very recent purchase, the Essie As Gold as it Gets in the Luxeffects collection.  It was the first time I saw this polish and I just couldn’t resist buying because it looked just like gold pieces in the bottle.  Even if the whole polish looks yellowish, the base is pretty colorless.  So I’ve put one layer of this gorgeous polish all over the nails, and put a second coat only at the tips to accentuate the gradient effect.



Those two nail polishes are ones of my favorites because I find that it’s prefect either for fall or even summer.

Voilà! That’s it for now!  My next post (this week) will be my September favorites so…keep and eye open for that!


Manicure Monday

Happy Earth Day!

So this beautiful spring/sunny/earth/warm day has inspired my green and gold nails today.


I didn’t want to go for the obvious earth-like colors, and wanted to stay more on the chic noble style.

So first, as always, I’ve put my Essie base coat, then 2 coats of Sephora’s #82 Happy Earth Day to Me (so appropriate right!), a deep khaki green.  Then after my nails were mostly dry, I’ve put in a foil some of Essie #35 Good as Gold and dipped a small piece of cling wrap that I’ve shaped into an irregular ball.  Afterwards, I’ve dabbed the cling wrap onto my nails so that most of the gold polish would cover the whole nail.




Then finally I’ve put one coat of Sephora matt top coat, and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Of course, when dabbing the cling warp onto your nails, some polish will get on your finger, but you just have to clean it with a cue-tip and polish remover.

It’s the first time I’ve tried this technique and I actually quite love the irregular patterns that it creates.

And you, what are your “earth day” nails?

Manicure Monday

Staying in the holiday’s theme, here is my manicure for the New Year!

Gold, gold and more GOLD!


I always feel that New Year’s celebration is always more “glittery” than Christmas – Christmas being more being with your family and NY more like partying (not that I’m partying at NY but…that’s my feeling).

So I wanted to put some sort of glitters on my nails this time and keeping the holiday/party/glamour vibe.

I’ve recently bought a new nail polish called Good as Gold from Essie (the one I have as the base color) and it just looked sooo pretty and creamy in the bottle.


The color, as you can see, if very very opaque and has a metallic finish.  I could have only put one coat of it, but unfortunately, how the polish “spread” on my finger was kindda strange; sometimes it would just not spread on random parts of my fingers, as if my nail was greasy or the polish was oily.  I always put a base coat on my nails before so, I knew it couldn’t really be my nails but…it’s the first time that I had a polish doing that.  Did it ever happened to you?  Does any of you know why this is happening?

But anyway, since it did leave some uncoated spots on my nails, I had to do a second coat of the polish.  The texture however is very nice and creamy; it just looks as if someone mixed liquid cold with a bit of cream.  Also, this polish has no glitters in it.

And, for a little “humph”, I did a gold glitter gradient with my A Gold Winter’s Night by Nicole by OPI (which I received in my November Glossybox).

Also, I received as a present, the Drying Drops from Nicole by OPI, which is a drying liquid that you put on your nails that help them dry faster.  it come with a little dropper and you just apply one to two drops onto you nails, about 60 seconds after you applied your last coat.


Seriously…I was stunt!  I never thought it would really work that fast!  I always apply a top coat that also helps drying my nails in a short amount of time, but these drops are like magic!  By the time you are done putting the liquid onto your nails, you other hand is already dry!  This is so what I needed (since I ALWAYS mess up my nails almost just after I’m done because they don’t dry fast enough).  So if you don’t have 10-15 minutes to wait for your nail polish to dry, I really recommend that you go buy this little “magic potion”!

Have a very Happy New Year everyone!!

Glossybox: November 2012


I’ve subscribed to the Glossybox some months ago.

Just the idea of paying only 15$ per month and receiving a nice little box full of different beauty products seemed appealing (and also the fact that I always forget about it, it’s like receiving a surprise gift every month!…I like gifts).

So I’ve been receiving those little boxes since the beginning of summer.

Been satisfied.

Sometimes, disappointed.

But nevertheless, I’ve sustained my faith in this boxy.

So here is the November 2012 box for you!


So let’s start with the Curel Handcream



I’ve already got the Curel cream for cracked heels (in a previous Glossybox) and I loved it.  So I was really happy to receive their hand cream to try out.  The texture is silky and smooth, not sticky at all.  And the smell is very nice; not too perfumy and very fresh.  What I also like about this cream is that it doesn’t leave my hand so greasy that I have to wait 10 minutes before being able to grip a pen.


Next is a moisturizing gel for the shower (or bath).  I personally never wash myself with those types of gel (I only use soap), but since it’s free…why not!  The texture is very liquidy and I really like the smell (which I think is really important when it comes to washing products).  They describe the sent as “ocean-fresh fragrance blended with floral, citrus and hint of sandalwood”, which reminded me of the Biotherm Biosenses body softening exfoliator smell.  Very nice indeed.

DSCF3909 DSCF3925






There was also a nice little gloss from Maybelline NY. Since the name of the color is nowhere to be found on the tube, I can only describe it as a nice translucent gloss with very tiny gold glitters.  I’ve never owned a gold gloss before, but I just find that it is so festive and just in time for the holidays and parties.  My fear was that it would perhaps be too gold and that I would have to tone it down a bit, but it ended being very subtle and I can totally see it on top of a nude lipstick to add a little sparkle, or even on top of a very bright red.  I can’t wait to try it out!



I was also very happy to discover that they’ve put a blush in the box, and even more happy to see that it was a color that I wanted to buy.  It may not show properly on the pictures, but it is a nice mauve pink matte blush.  I personally prefer matte over shimmery blushes since I find that they are easier for everyday looks. Also, I’ve heard from different Youtube gurus that this color kind of blush was perfect for fall and winter looks.  Just can’t wait to try it on!!!
















The next item was a Nicole by OPI nail polish called “A Gold Winter’s Night” (the Glossybox team took the holiday trend very seriously indeed!).  I’ve really been into nail polish these couple of weeks (I try to change every week – you can go see on my Instagram), and therefore was very happy to acquire a new one.  Very festive as well, it is basically translucent with gold, bronze and aqua glitters (they’re not round glitters but more like little lines).  Perhaps I will do my next NOTD with it…we’ll see!


There was also a 50% off loyalty card for Über online products (which I’ve never heard of before).  So I’ve checked they’re website and they seem to have several healthcare products.  So if you guys have already used one of their products, please tell me what you think!


And finally, the last items are a Nexxus hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  Since I didn’t try them yet (I kind of have another set of sample that I’m currently trying for the moment), I can’t really give a review on it now, appart for the smell; unfortunately the shampoo smells just like a banana antibiotic that I use to take when I was young and I don’t know if I would like my hair to smell like that (and since it just reminds me of the horrible taste and sickness).  However, the conditioner’ smell is totally different; very VERY fruity (ok, banana is a fruit but…ya know what I mean!).  So, in general, I’ve never had any shampoo and conditioner from the same brand that had so much difference in smell…so…I’ll have to check the result!

So that’s it!

I’m very sorry if it was very long (I promise I will not make reviews with that much products in the future), but I thought that showing and talking about all the products that was in my little pretty pink box would be nice.

Anyways, so have a good weekend and enjoy the snow (for those who already have snow)!