Manicure Monday

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t post in a while but let’s say that the beginning of September was intense (been sick, been busy, been lazy…).

So I didn’t a lot of time to do any manicures but it allowed me to grow my nails more since I’ve cut them really short during summer (as mentioned in one of my previous Manicure Monday post).

So here we go!


First, I went to the drugstore recently and saw that there was A LOT of new polishes that came out for fall!  I admit…I went a little crazy…BUT was able to get out of that “damn” place with only 4 polishes (at the beginning, I had 9…).  But I might go back again…soon…hmm…anyways.

So as always, I applied my dearest OPI Nail Envy base coat on all my nails, then put on 4 (yes, 4) coats of the Sephora by OPI A True Romantic, which is a very sheer light pink polish.  I usually don’t put that much coats (usually only 3) because I think it’s suppose to have a sheer look, but this week I wanted a little more opacity.  I love this polish because it is very creamy even considering its “lack” of opacity, and also because it’s not a pink shade that looks too girly girly (not that it’s bad, but sometimes it’s good when you want to change-up a little.


So for my ring finger, I applied only 2 coats of the pink polish, then I’ve put one coat of my new Nails Inc. Special Effects in Sweets Way.  I admit that I had A LOT of difficulty choosing only 1 colour from this collection (they all look ho so pretty), but my eyes were always drawn to this one.  It’s made up of small blue, silver, and rose gold glitters bathed in a sheer white/light blue polish.  After putting it on my nail, I then applied another coat of the pink nail polish over it.  Okay, let me explain why I did that; in fact, I already saw a similar look from a Youtube guru (here) where she did a similar thing, and the look was a milky sparkly finish.  I just loved it because it’s a a nice alternative for using glitter polish.  But you do need a pretty sheer polish to put on top or else you won’t see anything (and keep it in the pastel shades preferably).  I LOVE THIS LOOK!



Also, you may have noticed that I reshaped my nails.  I always preferred square nails over pointy nails, but I decided to give it a try, just to see.  Ok, I didn’t shape them extremely pointy (I know I would just hate it and probably would break my nails the minute after…) but I do like this round shape!  Also it makes my nails look even longer.

So, that’s it!

Have a nice week!


Manicure Monday

Good day everyone!

Time again for another manicure of the week!


So I didn’t have a lot of time to do it this time so I kept it very simple.

So after applying my OPI Envy base coat, I’ve put 2 full coats of Essie Bikini So Tiny, a very VERY nice light blue with a slight mauve tint to it.  It also has some micro shimmers in it (which were very hard to capture in a picture, as you can see).



Then I applied the Quo by Orly Instant Artist polish in Neon Orange with my Quo dotted tool.  This time, I used both ends to do big and smaller polka dots.  This polish is extremely bright and I really like the contrast between the two.  It is also worth mentioning that the brush of this polish is a very thin precision brush that you can use to make art nails.


And as usual, I toped my nails with my Sally Hansen Diamond top coat and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.


Et voilà!

Have a nice week!

Manicure Monday

Time for a mani!


Since my last manicure (that you can see here) was a tad more complex than any manicure I did in my life (not that many, but still…), I decided to give myself a break and do something a little more easy this time.

So I got my inspiration from Deez Nailz (she has the most crazy nail art I’ve seen!).


After putting my Sally Hansen base coat, I’ve put 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Pedal to the Metal, which is a very silky, creamy silver (more in-depth review here).  Then, I’ve put a very thin layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, just so that the polish dries faster.

Then, I used a makeup sponge (I didn’t have a natural sponge like her…) to put Quo Love Game; a deep fuschia with blue reflection.  I started with a thin layer, then I went over a second time so the pink would be more vibrant.  I admit, a makeup sponge is not the best to achieve the same result as Deez Nailz so I would suggest you purchase a little cheep natural sponge for this style.  Then I’ve put again a thick top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.  So that’s it!  Enjoy!


Manicure Monday


New style!

Okay, so I have a late Christmas party next week (my job’s Christmas parties are always in January).  So, I still wanted to do something that would be a bit festive but not too obvious since I have a full week to go before that party.

So I decided to try to do chevron this time.  At first, I wanted to do it on every nails, but after trying out one finger and screwing it up and seeing that it’s not the easiest thing to do (when you don’t have the professional accessories), I decided to start with only one finger.


As a base color I’ve put 2 coats of Sally Hansen 470 Black Tie, which is a blueish black with green and pink iridescent depending on the angle you’re looking at it.  The first coat is pretty see-through, but when you put the second coat it becomes very opaque.  I really love that polish because it’s not too black but just enough so it looks sophisticated (I find).

Then I’ve put my Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat on all nails (even the ring finger) so it dries faster.  After a while, I’ve put my cut-out chevron stencil made with clear tape, and then I’ve put 3 coats of Sephora by OPI Keep Me On My Mistletoes nail polish (that I received for Christmas in a kit with 7 other nail polishes) – ho forgot to say that I’ve also put my Sally Hansen base coat.  And, to seal everything and make it dry faster, I’ve put my Drying Drops from Nicolas by OPI (I tell you, really, the most awesome thing on earth).


So, the result is not a perfect chevron but I still like how it looks!  AND because of the gold I find that it still gives a subtle holiday look to my nails.


Do you have any chevron techniques other than mine to share?



Manicure Monday

I wanted to do some nail art this time for Christmas.

Seriously, I didn’t think it was that hard to draw on nails…but it is…nevertheless, it’s not that bad!  With a little practice, I’m sure I will get better with this (and stop shaking like crazy).

So for Christmas, I wanted to do a modern twist for the whole holiday style (like staying away from the bright red colour).

Manicure Monday

I’ve picked up the Nicole by OPI nail polish called Candid Cameron wich in the bottle looks deep blue/mermaid green/gold but when you put it on, it’s more the mermaid green that shows and at certain angles it’s the blue (I like those two tones nail polishes).  I also have to mention that this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and really opaque; I’ve only put one coat of it on my nails.  ONE!

So since the color of the year will be emerald-green, I thought it would be perfect!

Also, to add a little holiday look, I wanted to draw (for the first time) a little snowflake.  Okay, like I said, it was the first time I draw something on my nails, and I don’t have any “professional” tools to do that so…it’s not perfect, BUT it’s a start! 🙂

I used my white L’Oréal Steel colour in French Tip White (that I bought many years ago).  I poured a little of this nail polish onto a foil, then with a toothpick I started to draw the snowflake.  My hand was shaking the whole time so the lines are a little bold and blurry, but it’s not that bad for a first time (I think…).

Manicure Monday

I was thinking of putting some silver glitter on top of the whole nail but, I figure that it would probably be difficult to see the form afterwards so…I didn’t put any.

So that’s it!

What is your favorite nail style for the holidays?