Manicure Monday

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t post in a while but let’s say that the beginning of September was intense (been sick, been busy, been lazy…).

So I didn’t a lot of time to do any manicures but it allowed me to grow my nails more since I’ve cut them really short during summer (as mentioned in one of my previous Manicure Monday post).

So here we go!


First, I went to the drugstore recently and saw that there was A LOT of new polishes that came out for fall!  I admit…I went a little crazy…BUT was able to get out of that “damn” place with only 4 polishes (at the beginning, I had 9…).  But I might go back again…soon…hmm…anyways.

So as always, I applied my dearest OPI Nail Envy base coat on all my nails, then put on 4 (yes, 4) coats of the Sephora by OPI A True Romantic, which is a very sheer light pink polish.  I usually don’t put that much coats (usually only 3) because I think it’s suppose to have a sheer look, but this week I wanted a little more opacity.  I love this polish because it is very creamy even considering its “lack” of opacity, and also because it’s not a pink shade that looks too girly girly (not that it’s bad, but sometimes it’s good when you want to change-up a little.


So for my ring finger, I applied only 2 coats of the pink polish, then I’ve put one coat of my new Nails Inc. Special Effects in Sweets Way.  I admit that I had A LOT of difficulty choosing only 1 colour from this collection (they all look ho so pretty), but my eyes were always drawn to this one.  It’s made up of small blue, silver, and rose gold glitters bathed in a sheer white/light blue polish.  After putting it on my nail, I then applied another coat of the pink nail polish over it.  Okay, let me explain why I did that; in fact, I already saw a similar look from a Youtube guru (here) where she did a similar thing, and the look was a milky sparkly finish.  I just loved it because it’s a a nice alternative for using glitter polish.  But you do need a pretty sheer polish to put on top or else you won’t see anything (and keep it in the pastel shades preferably).  I LOVE THIS LOOK!



Also, you may have noticed that I reshaped my nails.  I always preferred square nails over pointy nails, but I decided to give it a try, just to see.  Ok, I didn’t shape them extremely pointy (I know I would just hate it and probably would break my nails the minute after…) but I do like this round shape!  Also it makes my nails look even longer.

So, that’s it!

Have a nice week!


Manicure Monday

Good day everyone!

Again, I am very sorry for being absent for so long on my blog…

I’ve been really busy with work and projects and I haven’t got the time to do all my personal stuff.

But hopefully from now I’ll be going into the regular schedule!

So now, for my manicure Monday!


This week, I wanted to do something more festive since it’s going to be my birthday at the end of the week!

So what’s more festive than glitters?  Pink AND glitters!

First, I’ve put my new base coat from Essie.  I was in the look for a good base coat that would nourish my nails, but also make them stronger.  I don’t really care about fast growth since mine grow really fast, but I really wanted a base that would help fortify my nails.  So I tried Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat.  If you guys have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to share them!


Then after I’ve put 2 coats of the gorgeous Essie 456 Plumberry, which is a super nice deep raspberry color.  It is super creamy and quite opaque.  Then I applied Sally Hansen 140 Rockstar Pink at the ends of my nails.  They are tiny tiny little blue, gold, and fuschia glitters.  When I bought it a couple months ago, I told myself that I would keep this one until my birthday ‘cause I find that it looked like confetti!   Then finally I’ve put my Sally Hansen top coat, as usual, which gives a nice shiny finish.


I’m loving this combination, but I also can’t wait to try these glitters with other colors!

What is your favorite birthday nail polish?

Manicure Monday


I’ve been doing some intense/darker nails these past few weeks and so I was feeling a bit more “soft” this time around.  I’ve recently bought this holographic “glitter” nail polish recently and I found it so gorgeous that I couldn’t wait any longer to try it on.




So I’ve first used Sephora by OPI nail polish called A True Romantic, and then Nicole by OPI (the Selena Gomez collection) Heavenly Angel.  I’ve always liked the pink nail and soft glitter style and I thought these two were a match made in heaven.

The pink polish is a nice not-too-pink color that I think is very versatile and girly and soft.  Also, it is not really opaque so a good 3 coat is needed in order to have your full nail covered.  Then I applied 2 coats of the “glitter” polish on top, after letting my nail dry for a bit.  They are more like little irregular pieces of holographic glitters than very round, normal glitters, but I really REALLY like it!  In direct light the glitters take some pink, dark pink, and orange color (like in the picture above), but when you’re in the shadow or very low light, the glitters then have bright green, yellow, and blue reflection (you can almost see it right in this second picture).


My only disappointment is that there are not that much glitters that goes onto your nail with one application and so you do need at least two to have a reasonable amount of it on your nail (like I did for mine).

But apart this little detail, I just LOVE my nails!  I find that it looks so girly and pretty!



Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butter-8

I know these have been out for a while now, but  I’ve purchased some new ones the other day and I just wanted to do a little review.

So the first one is 065 Creamsicle which is a pale orangey nude with no shimmer.  What I like about this one is that it tones down my lip color and is very pretty with a nice lip gloss over.  It would be perfect to wear when you have a very strong eye makeup look so it doesn’t take the focus away.

Revlon Lip Butter-17

The second one is 095 Crème Brulee, a pinkish brown with no shimmer.  If you think that Creamsicle is too pale, then this one is the perfect nude for you.  I thought it would be more opaque/pigmented, but it appears to go one very sheer on your lips.  I wear it either alone or with, again, a nice lip gloss over it.

Revlon Lip Butter-18

Then the third one is 025 Peach Parfait.  It has a slightly more reddish tint than the Crème Brulee, but is still a good everyday natural lips color.  This one has tiny gold shimmer in it, which is not something that I really particularly like, but they are not too apparent when you put it on your lips so it doesn’t bother me much.

Revlon Lip Butter-19

The next one, 015 Tutti Frutti, I was a bit skeptical when I bought it because in the tube, it looks sooo orange (and not all orange shades suit my complexion).  But it appears to be now one of my favorite lip butter of the bunch! It is a nice matt coral sheer lipstick that can make a normal makeup look so much more festive and alive.  I can’t wait to wear it during the hot sunny summer days!

Revlon Lip Butter-20

Then 090 Sweet Tart, is a very bright pink that is perfect for either very girly girls, or someone that wants a little accent of color to their makeup without looking too intense or severe.  I like wearing this color by contrasting the very girly makeup look that it give, with a more boyish clothing style (ex: wide pants with a large white tee).

Revlon Lip Butter-21

Next one is 060 Gumdrop.  In the tube, it is a bright pale lilac with tiny silver shimmer, but on my lips it ends up being a pink lilac without too much shimmer (which I like).  I was also afraid that it would be too pale for me, but it is just enough to give a nice soft look to your makeup.  My favorite way to wear this one is with black eyeliner only (and mascara, of course!).  I put a nice natural pink blush on my cheeks and then this lip butter.  It softens the look so much!  Love it!

Revlon Lip Butter-22

The last one is 075 Lillipop which is a deep fuschia.  Contrarily to the other lip butters, you have to be a bit more careful when applying this one since it is more pigmented, but is still a bit sheer though.  Again, this lip butter is perfect to do a lip accent color.  I like wearing this one when going out.

Revlon Lip Butter-23

So my comments in general; love the texture of those lip butters, they do hydrate my lips (although not like a lip balm, but still), but the downside is that you need to reapply them more often than a dry matt lipstick.  But I don’t really mind personally.  Also, apart from Lollipop, they run more sheer and you need to put more layers to have them more pigmented.  But again, it doesn’t bother me since I find them more versatile like this; some days I want a more sheer tinted lips, and others I want more vibrant ones.  So I can choose how I want to apply them.

Conclusion?  Love them!


What are your favorite Revlon Lip butters?

Revlon Lip Butter-9




Manicure Monday

Time for a mani!


Since my last manicure (that you can see here) was a tad more complex than any manicure I did in my life (not that many, but still…), I decided to give myself a break and do something a little more easy this time.

So I got my inspiration from Deez Nailz (she has the most crazy nail art I’ve seen!).


After putting my Sally Hansen base coat, I’ve put 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Pedal to the Metal, which is a very silky, creamy silver (more in-depth review here).  Then, I’ve put a very thin layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, just so that the polish dries faster.

Then, I used a makeup sponge (I didn’t have a natural sponge like her…) to put Quo Love Game; a deep fuschia with blue reflection.  I started with a thin layer, then I went over a second time so the pink would be more vibrant.  I admit, a makeup sponge is not the best to achieve the same result as Deez Nailz so I would suggest you purchase a little cheep natural sponge for this style.  Then I’ve put again a thick top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and my Nicole by OPI Drying Drops.  So that’s it!  Enjoy!